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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Health & Beauty


The Gym –versus- The Outdoors

I like to go outside. Basically, it’s because I’m inside all the time. But if you come right down to it… it’s generally quieter for me at the gym. I try power-walking at night and in the morning. My wide arc takes me on several passes on a set path of an outdoor area of…


Monday Mottoes – #88

Self-image is a biggie. How you perceive yourself has a lot to do with how far you go in life, as long as you’re willing to put hands and feet to your vision. But it starts with being able to picture yourself in a role. Perhaps no one in your family ever attained a higher…


Just Say… No?

I’m all for boundaries, I really am. If you’re not careful, family/friends/children/ mates/bosses/workers/ strangers/the government/professors might walk all over you. So we’ve learned to “just say no”. That’s a good idea if you’re offered drugs, or your tenth volunteer opportunity this week at the kids’ school, or a lateral move at work that’s tantamount to…


Monday Mottoes – #87

Later this week, it will be my birthday. A rather natural occurrence, I consider the alternative and am grateful. While I may look slightly different as the years pass by, I truly feel “myself”. Also, I believe that I have all of my faculties, although some might argue the fact…. Which brings us to today’s…


Pasha Meets His Sugar Match

I thought I would never see the day. Yet it has come. Pasha, our second 18-year-old, said no to sugar. Last week, he had his wisdom teeth surgically extracted. This, just two months after our first 18-year-old, Petya, had his removed and during whose recovery Pasha made multiplied taunting comments. “Can’t have a burger, can…


The Wonder of Watercolor

Our second son, Pasha, has artistic talent. We encourage him to develop and use his gifts. He’s creating some Mother’s Day art that’s rather beautiful and together, we wanted to see his watercolor technique grow. I located a Russian watercolor artist online who explained her technique. Gathering the whole family, I insisted amidst moans and…


Monday Mottoes – #85

You might be a man or woman, an employee, a parent, a spouse or a friend. Somewhere along the journey of life, something has gone wrong. Boundaries have been crossed, whether verbally or physically, creating great angst and debilitation. Why are you the target? Do you need to stand up for yourself? Do you need…


Ready for the Rope Braid

My hair falls just below shoulder length. And I don’t have a long neck. So that gives me a bit of hair to work with, but not too much. A new look has caught my attention and may be great for spring or summer if the hair gets any longer because it requires some length….


My Son, the Model

I refer to my second son, long and lean, attractive and not-so-bright. Possibly perfect model material. Friends have mentioned in passing that he would have what it takes. Question is: what does it take? It’s either this, or back to the hot dog stand idea…. Good looks are not enough. Fitting into a 40R might…


Monday Mottoes – #82

Recently, I’ve perused quotes and opinions about balancing the many aspects of life. They range from suggesting we give up before even trying to balance the disparate parts, to encouraging that we give it our best shot because all of it matters so very much. Each of them in some way makes sense to me….

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