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Monday Mottoes – #179

It’s Monday morning and a whole new week spreads before us. What an opportunity to do things that matter! Don’t let it pass by in a daze or a haze. I love motivational books, CDs, DVDs. They’re so powerful and usually work to get us over the idea of anything that might hinder great achievements….


Remember, Pressure Can Be Positive

I know a whole lot of people going through a whole lot of things. The pressure is practically killing them. It’s emotional, intellectual, financial, and spiritual stress. Which is generally just another word for fear. There are business deals in the balance. A marriage on the rocks. Cars breaking down.  Kids gone awry and astray….


Do You Daydream?

I’ve heard it said that adults daydream almost 50% of their waking hours. That’s a lot of time! I imagine everyone is basically wishing that they were somewhere else, with somebody else, doing something else. That’s a whole lot of regret. I don’t have much time to daydream, nor to second-guess: coulda, woulda, shoulda. I…


Valentine’s Day — Sweet or Sour?

I wish I were referring to going out for Chinese. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Although Chinese food on any day is not such a bad idea. Personally, Valentine’s Day might not be ideal for a night out— restaurants are packed and couples are trying so hard. Exhausting. Yet, I remember one Valentine’s dinner distinctly…


Monday Mottoes – #177

Time is the great revealer, the one measure by which we pull back the curtain of life and discover what really matters. Apart from priorities and a ladder of values, time slips away like wisps of fog as a storm rolls in. Have you ever noticed: the storms of life seem to settle and cast…


Would You Buy Ivanka’s Clothing Line?

Now here’s a young lady, fashionable, elegant, devoted to her family and her business… whose father now happens to be President of the United States. So you’re telling me that we shouldn’t buy her clothing line? Kinda nuts, in my opinion. If we were all judged by our relatives…. But then again, here are women……


Monday Mottoes – #176

With about a week until Valentine’s Day, our thoughts turn toward love and all of its ramifications: romantic love, lifetime love, sacrificial love. For some, love means pain, or romantic movies involving tears. For others, love holds the fairy tale ideal of there always being laughter and no real problems. For professionals, there are those…


On Having Young Hands & Nails

It’s often been said that you can tell a woman’s age by her hands. She might have had some Botox or other injectables to plump up an aging face but the hands that look like shriveled and speckled prunes will easily give away her age. Personally, I don’t have those problems so much, most likely…


Monday Mottoes – #175

Do you ever feel like you’re drowning in stuff? Maybe your office desk, or bedroom dresser drawers, or kitchen cabinets, or clothes closets overflow with an abundance that can barely be tamed. I know. I joke that we will be featured on the “Hoarders” TV show one day. But it’s not funny. Too much stuff…


Places to Walk or Run in Inclement Weather

Whenever it’s cold, hot, rainy or snowy, your exercise motivation may flag. But never fear, help is here! There are loads of places to do your routine while protected from the elements. In no particular order, here are some locales you may, or may not, have thought of: Your own basement, bedroom, rec room, or…