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The Selfie Generation

Don’t get me wrong, I love selfies. I remember the first time we ever saw a photo selfie stick. Asian tourists strolled the streets of DC, holding i-Phones beyond arm’s length and it was unclear exactly what they were doing. Nowadays, it’s clear, but back then… not so much. I immediately commented to all those…


Less Free Contraceptives = More Abortions?

Should free contraceptives be a basic American right? The Trump administration, cutting back on employers being required to provide either free contraceptives or free abortions in all cases, should consider some unintended results. Could the limiting of employer-paid contraception lead to the increased need for abortions, or the cost associated with unplanned pregnancies and raising…


Why Do People Own Snakes?

Is it just me? I don’t like snakes. Not in the wild, not in zoos, not in cages. Nope, no thanks. And now a 31-year-old snake lover in southern England was found suffocated to death in a room where he housed his snakes. The pet python was loose and the man was dead. Ewww. I…


Are Tattoos Really Safe? Blotting Out Your Future with Ink

Two different articles on tattoos were released recently and within days of each other. One involved the now-known fact that nanoparticles from the ink traveled to the bearer’s lymphatic system, while the other was a declaration concerning the safety of pediatric patients obtaining tats. Neither seemed to agree with the other, in this writer’s estimation….


When Hysterectomies Kill

I never knew this. After researching hysterectomies because of a friend going through some major health challenges, I came across the amazing 2014 story of Dr. Amy Reed from Boston. A physician herself and the wife of a surgeon, the couple came to the conclusion that her hysterectomy via morcellation was responsible for rapidly spreading…


Lost & Found Jewelry

My lifestyle is too fast-paced to obsess much about anything and I’m glad about that. Keeps things in perspective. But every once in a while, I would wonder whatever happened to the jewelry given by my mom to me to wear in my wedding. I had it in my possession for many years, but with…


Gal Pals

I have the best friends. They check in on me, I check in on them. We share laughs and coffee, challenges and accomplishments. We’re there for each other. I don’t understand when reality shows depict women who scheme against other women. There always seems to be a lot of alcohol involved. That may be the…


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We live in an instant-food, instant-communication society. With a zap of the microwave or the click of a mouse, all happens at a very rapid pace which can skew our thinking when it comes to other matters of life. The bottom line that nobody wants to admit anymore: some things just take time. And in…


In The Valley of the Shadow of Death

My heart goes out to those who are in the waning years of their life. Often, their families try to arrange the best care possible— whether at home or in a retirement or assisted care facility. It’s a tough call. My mother-in-law has been living in such an assisted-living home for the past five years….


Who Controls Your Future?

If you asked me who controls my future, I would say, bottom line: God. But no so fast. We have a part to play, as well. Which is both the terrifying, as well as the exhilarating, aspect of the equation. When we miss it occasionally and then suffer the consequences, that’s not God. That’s us!…