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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

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The Art of Marriage

I’m sitting in a marriage seminar as I type. As a matter of fact, I’m helping to lead the series of six meetings, which we’ve spread over two action-packed nights. Truth be told, not a lot of couples have time to focus on their marriage. Until there are issues. Problems. Kids. Bills. Sickness. Careers. Differing…


Monday Mottoes – #78

Are you a dropout? Not necessarily from school, but from certain aspects of life? Do you find it easier not to engage with a spouse, a boss, a child, so you avoid them? Do you stay away from certain social settings? Have you lost a job and then, after repeated rejection, given up even looking…


Monday Mottoes – #77

Food is a funny thing—can’t live without it, sometimes can’t live with it. Every other physical dependency one can kick either gradually or cold turkey. Food—not so much. It always amazes me concerning the regional proclivities of foodies. If you’re around the Boston area, there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner. In the southwest, you…


Candy Store Mafia

My husband is Sicilian, not that he can help it. He’s not dark and swarthy, more brown hair and hazel eyes, and an all-round nice guy. But stereotypes die hard, as the rest of us from Russian backgrounds understand. He walked into a candy store the other day with a couple of our kids and…


Sick and Sweet or Sickly Sweet

We’ve all heard the phrase “sickly sweet”, referring to something or someone who is excessively sweet to the point making someone else ill, if that’s possible, lol. Well, I’m developing a theory of my own, based on current events. You see, in general, our family doesn’t get sick. I make everyone wash their hands once…


In the Waiting Room of Wisdom

The age of wisdom is said to be 18 when one’s wisdom teeth erupt. Petya is on the cusp of it and the day arrived for all four wisdom teeth to be removed. He had not been having problems nor pain. However, the x-rays showed that they were already beginning to press from the sides…


Stress, Exhaustion, and Poor Choices

We are the sandwich generation, squeezed between the issues of needy kids and needy parents. Which leads me to ask: where’s the beef? Where are those who can wear the big boy or big girl pants and do mature things, even in the midst of the storms of life? We all know about stress—loved ones…


To Vaccinate or Not?

Used to be, most every child in the U.S. was vaccinated. Families were acquainted with those of earlier generations who had suffered from various diseases and epidemics. To avoid or eradicate such health risks seemed like a dream come true. Then allegations began that the vaccinations and immunizations caused problems all their own, a large…


Snow: Love It or Hate It?

What’s not to love about snow?  (Boston, don’t answer that.)  Nothing, if you’re about 10 years old. Everything is wonderful—from snowmen, snowballs, and snow angels to forts, icicles, and sledding. There’s skiing, whether downhill or cross-country. There’s snowboarding and snowmobiling. Not to mention hot chocolate, hot soup, and hot anything else whether pizza, wings, or…


Waiting Up at Night

It’s something that most every parent goes through at some point in their life. The fact that I should have probably been a grandmother by now does not help. It only means that I’m more tired than most what with rising early in the a.m. and going to bed late in the p.m. And now…

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