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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

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Mashenka’s Summer Job Search

Our third oldest, Mashenka, has just turned 17. Last summer she had a part-time job on Thursdays and Fridays scooping ice cream and assisting at a mini-golf place. Both operated together and her oldest brother, Petya, was working not far away at the main golf course of the same establishment. This summer, 18.5-year-old Petya worked…


Thunder Dogs

The clouds rolled in, threatening and ominous. I was surprised as the family rushed to our evening meeting that it hadn’t started pouring, yet. But it was about to start. Thankfully, we arrived early and missed the downpour and deluge that came immediately afterward. However, many of our friends were stuck in it and squeaked…


Study Stress on the Homefront

Petya and I are experiencing a bit of stress this week. Final exams for a state archaeological certification program in a nearby state loom large. It all started because he was interested at the age of 15 and I was simply his driver to different digs, labs and field surveys. Then somehow, I became involved,…


At the Jewish Deli

It’s the end of the school year. Somewhat. Our kids still have a few odds and ends to finish up, such is the nature of homeschool. You don’t finish, you don’t finish. In any event, the days are getting longer, shall we say, and the search for summer jobs is on with a couple of…


Monday Mottoes – #93

Choices, choices, choices. Naturally, there are people in the world without many opportunities, but the majority of us are surrounded by decisions: where to live and work, how to spend our leisure time and order our priorities in life. It’s a process of what you decide to accept as valuable and important, along with what…


Our Boy’s Business Lunch

Petya will turn 19 in late September, going to college part-time year-round and working part-time. He started as a volunteer at his office right after his 15th birthday, an intern-of-sorts, becoming a paid employee a couple of years later. Almost four years later, the boss that initially brought him on board was going to retire…


The Destroy-the-Duggars Juggernaut

I’m not sure I want to address this. My persuasion is that sexual abuse of any kind borders on the horrific. It’s bad, violating both the perpetrator and the victim. What are the allegations against Josh Duggar, 27-year-old husband and soon father-to-four? Apparently, when he was 14 years old, he fondled some of the other…


Help for Troubled Teens

Summer is almost upon us. Multiplied families struggle with teens who have issues. And they dread the summer when schedules become less structured and problems grow more serious. If the young people are not in school—where are they? Did they show up for the summer job, or did they go to a friend’s house? Who’s…


Connecting Character Traits with Careers

Since we’re on a roll with career counselling in the Bartologimignano household, I thought you might like to hear more. Hold the applause, please. When our kids are stuck and can’t seem to understand what they should be doing—whether past, present or future—I have a new approach. I ask them what they would counsel someone…


FAS and Career Possibilities

Our second son, Pasha, is stuck. At 18 years old, he plays catch-up in school, making up for lost time in the Russian orphanage. He still has a couple of years in high school, yet the young man lacks all ambition and aim. Most likely it’s due to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, meaning, a birthmother who…

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