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Mentoring Morality in Kids

Or, How Not to Throw Your Kids to the Wolves. School has started or is about to start in most parts of the country. We did not send our children to religious or private schools. We definitely did not send them to public schools. Could they survive either? Definitely. Would they come out unscathed? No….


Check-in from NYC

Our eldest has spent the last five days in New York City and is about one-third through his trip. Naturally, I’ve received about three photos total of him since he’s been there and it’s hard to argue for anything more since their group is not allowed to be on the phone or texting more than…


Science and the Bible

I’m attending a scientific Biblical conference for a couple of days that’s blowing my mind. Can’t even think of the last time I’ve been surrounded by so many Ph.D.s in the same room, speaking about very complementary subjects in a variety of disciplines. Hundreds have gathered to study topics which the scientists simplify for those…


Living History Museums

I love history and even more, I thrill when the past comes alive for modern museum visitors by means of reenactors. Whether Plimouth Plantation or other sites in our country and beyond, there’s nothing like seeing something come to life right before your eyes. Our kids have dressed up in Civil War outfits next to…


Monday Mottoes – #98

It’s unreal. It’s absolutely unreal. I just dropped our first-born, or make that first-adopted, off at the airport and I’m sobbing. When it came time to say goodbye, my lip started trembling and I could barely whisper my parting words. He did the intelligent thing: smiled, hugged me and walked away toward security. I love…


Monday Mottoes – #97

Maybe you have children who are going through a growth phase, or you remember your legs aching as a young person and your mom saying they were growing pains. Most growth—whether in terms of career, education, relationships, finances, sports ability—you name it, some stretching is involved. And we don’t like it one bit, right? The…


Monday Mottoes – #96

As everyone knows, it’s possible for things to take a turn for the worse. My son, Petya, and I had prepared for our archaeological lab test, part of a state certification program, reported to last approximately two hours. In we went to face the music. Seven-and-a-half hours later, it was over. Exhausted, drained, semi-elated… we…


Study Stress on the Homefront

Petya and I are experiencing a bit of stress this week. Final exams for a state archaeological certification program in a nearby state loom large. It all started because he was interested at the age of 15 and I was simply his driver to different digs, labs and field surveys. Then somehow, I became involved,…


Happy 75th Anniversary, Archaeological Society of Virginia!

This past weekend, the Archaeological Society of Virginia celebrated its 75th anniversary. Coinciding with the auspicious occasion was the added commemoration of 10 years of headquartering at Kittiewan Plantation, the Colonial home of Dr. William Rickman, head surgeon of the Continental Army in Virginia, constructed 1770-1790 and occupied by Union Army in June 1864. My…


Three Outstanding Students

This month, I’ve enjoyed hearing success stories about young people who are outstanding students. In other words, they stand out in the crowd. One is a new immigrant to the US from Sri Lanka, the next one’s parents immigrated here from India, and the third is a homegrown African-American. Each is brilliant in his own…