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Learning to Drive… in Other Languages

Our kids continue to study Russian Lite throughout the year. I take them through the paces, the key to our limited success being that we need dialogs which will engage them. In college, you can use the normal, “What are you studying?” and “Do you live in the dorm?”, but for now, we need more…


School for the FAS Student

You may be dreading it. School is starting and you have a son or daughter with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Getting them the services they need often involves an uphill battle and and Individualized Education Plan (IEP – Special Ed). Hopefully, a regular high school diploma and not an IEP diploma will be earned, since…


Even the Good Life Has Bumps in the Road

It’s not easy being moi. Required to complete a number of lectures this week, my son and I hurtled down the highway before the crack of dawn to visit yet another city, participate in seminars, and set off for our second house. At the dacha, we had more command performances for that evening. “Ouch!” I…


Taking Classes with Your Teen

You have not experienced life to the fullest until you enroll in a class with your teen son or daughter. You have not learned how full your life used to be until you reduce yourself to tagging along with said son or daughter. I used to be his chauffeur. Then he learned to drive. I…


Our Second Son Steps Out in Art

You all know about Petya, 17.5, recent high school grad headed for college in the fall, great internship-part time job, with another part-time job on the golf course which is his second-favorite sport after tennis. He’s got stuff going on right and left. His younger brother, not so much. Pasha is the same age, from…

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Back-to-School Bling

It’s almost one month until school begins in some locales, which means that back-to-school supplies are cropping up everywhere. Along with the usual notebooks, erasers, pens and pencils, I glimpsed a few new items that are worth reporting. Particularly for teen girls with an eye for bling. Let me tell you, this kind of stuff…


Serious Scholarship at the Archaeological Society

Somewhere near you there’s an archaeological society meeting underway. It’s likely going to be on a midweek night and combine presentations from both professional and avocational archaeologists. Depending on the intensity of the group, the scientific vocabulary may, or may not be over the top. And there will be a lot of attendees in khaki…


Monday Mottoes – #46

To your way of thinking, is there a link between education and manners? One would imagine that there doesn’t have to be any connection per se, but there very well may be. My early-morning travels have encouraged me to reconsider that notion. Generally, when out on the highway journeying before dawn, I take a break…


The Little Boy & the Little Free Library

Leawood, Kansas – A 9-year-old boy and his family started a “Little Free Library” in their front yard and are being ordered by the city to take it down. The small, elevated box with a sign that reads, “Take One, Leave One” is a no-cost, neighborhood lending library. We first saw this idea in practice…



A homeschool graduation can be any number of things, even as homeschoolers themselves mirror every color of the rainbow. Whether unschoolers, or classicists, co-op kids, or those tied to workbooks and DVDs, you’ll find them somewhere on the spectrum and their commencement ceremonies reflect that. Ours was an affair with multiplied friends of the young…

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