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Colonial Houses: Returning to the Past Will Cost You

It’s a lovely time of year on the East Coast. In the north, there’s not yet much hint of spring, while in the south, some days are reaching up to the very warm ranges. Daffodils peek out here and there and even the grass is starting to grow again. Soon it will be time for…


Quick & Easy Skills That Are Important to Learn

While perusing a really cool article from www.lifehack.org, I found some very basic skills that I really need to learn. Never mind the lack of time, I think I can do these. One day. Just not one day soon. But the surprising thing is, some of them actually intrigue me. I guess they appeal to…


Helping the Persecuted

Right now, all around the world, there are those who are suffering for their views, their faith, their ethnicity. It’s pretty rough. Persecution may range from the loss of employment, outright harassment, beatings, rape, imprisonment and death. Something has to be done. Someone has to speak up. Enter our kids. The four of them, with…


Overscheduled: Kids Who Are Too Much in Demand

Our oldest is pushing his boundaries. We feel he might be pushing himself over the edge. Here are a few of his commitments (to which he wants to add): Works 3 days/week. Studies in university 3 days/week. Has congregational duties 5-6 times/week. Texts long-distance new girlfriend multiple times/day. Takes home occasional work from job. Visits…


A Girl’s Ambition… in a Boy’s Pants

That doesn’t sound right, does it??? Our kids are preparing to work a volunteer job at a Washington advocacy firm. Excitement levels are running high, not knowing whether they might be trusted with an actual task of significance, or if they might only file, make coffee and answer the phone. No, I take that back….


The Joy of 3×5 Index Cards

These tiny, stiff paper cards are my friends. Measuring 3 inches by 5 inches, they are small, but mighty. Lined, or “ruled” on one side, blank white on the other, the index cards find the perfect use in shopping lists, message notes that may be propped up, encouraging notes in kids’ lunch bags, executive directives…


What’s the Worst That Could Happen in Our Kids’ Future?

Don’t answer that question.  We’re not talking about a life of crime, just everyday laissez-faire and ennui. The worst that could happen? I’m a glass-half-full kind of gal, so it’s not hard to imagine when it comes to our kids in their late teens and early twenties. All but one seem determined to head nowhere……


Allowing a Son or Daughter to Crash & Burn

To look at it, on the surface, our children are model individuals. They really don’t have that many bad points. Whether that may be attributed to the children, or to the parents, is hard to determine. There are some kids who just go with the flow and live in harmony and do their best. We…


Crunching Numbers for My Kids

With so much talk of STEM studies (science, technology, engineering and math) for US students, I can tell you first-hand that not all students are buying into the greater need for science-based learning. In our family, I work to reverse that trend, if not for high school, then perhaps for college or even life-long learning….


We Are Now Legal Homeschoolers

Illegal immigrants, illegal workers, illegal earnings… illegal homeschoolers. Every year we try to comply with the rules and regulations given for homeschooling families in our area, knowing that only about 10% of those who educate their children at home ever register with the government. In a city with a whole lot of government going on,…