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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Homeschooling & Education


Monday Mottoes – #220

I have a way with giving our kids all sorts of information that they don’t want. Somehow, I believe them to be consulting/coaching clients paying me big bucks in order to get an idea of what they should be doing in life. Hahahaha…. I start with things like proper nutrition and posture. Not a very…


Monday Mottoes – #215

Depending on your age and personality type, you’re probably either a planner or a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants-er. Some like to “let life happen and see where it leads them”, while others choose to take more of a directing role. You know, Type A or Type B.  Whatever works for you. Most people who know themselves well, understand…


Monday Mottoes – #214

I have an ongoing discussion both with my children as well as with grown adults: Do we “have” to do hard work in life, or do we “get to” do hard work? Let’s face it. Most of us have an avoidance of anything difficult. If it’s hard, we’re out. If it’s easy, count us in….


Monday Mottoes – #213

Your ability to endure discomfort will take you far in everyday life, as well as helping you through any major challenges such as childbirth or having your wisdom teeth extracted, obtaining advanced degrees or landing a really big client or contract. Vince Lombardi was right: no pain, no gain. Not that I’m a lover of…


Powerful Prep Work the Night Before

Got a busy day coming up, full of activities, deadlines and schedules? The best advices would be what your mother might tell you, God bless her: prepare the night before! This is your key to starting on target, and staying on target, the next day. It spans from school to senior centers: plan ahead. The…


Hair Sticks & Forks

My son’s girlfriend brought back gifts from her trip to Alaska. Each was lovingly chosen for a particular family member, quite thoughtful as well as highly unusual. Everyone else’s gift I had the opportunity of seeing, but my eldest daughter’s was whisked away before I could glimpse it. “What did you get?” I asked Mashenka…


Monday Mottoes – #208

It’s Monday morning and you need a challenge. Why slink into your work week overwrought and overtired? Time to take your career and make it what you want. You may not believe you can control things like new clients, or smarter investments, or more customers, or targeting your research. But today, just for my special…


America’s Spiritual Roots

Our nation has been through a lot in recent days. Sometimes it helps to remember our spiritual roots and give thanks to God. That’s what our family did this year on 9/11. We headed to the Capitol in Washington, DC, and took a spiritual heritage tour sponsored by a Bible-based non-profit and a member of…


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We live in an instant-food, instant-communication society. With a zap of the microwave or the click of a mouse, all happens at a very rapid pace which can skew our thinking when it comes to other matters of life. The bottom line that nobody wants to admit anymore: some things just take time. And in…


High School Homeschool Graduation

The end of an era. Pasha, 20, and Mashenka, 19, were graduating from high school. Nine years and eight years prior, both had arrived from Russia, woefully behind in their studies. Attending Russian internats, the orphanage boarding schools, most adults acknowledged that a quality education was not a top priority for kids who would most…