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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Monday Mottoes – #154

Fear, uncertainty, doubts can conspire to hold back the best of us. We become paralyzed, we don’t move forward, we hesitate and choke. Today we have two mottoes because both are powerful and both are similar. They, in essence, are saying that unless you are willing to take risks, you will remain stuck in life….


Monday Mottoes – #153

In light of the Rio Olympics, I felt led to take today’s inspirational quote from a former competitor. After all, Olympians know about winning in life and what it takes to achieve against incredible odds. The athletes must possess motivation, determination and stamina. Many of them rise long before dawn to gain access to playing…


Monday Mottoes – #152

Look at that sweet doggy face. He stares up at you, waiting, longing to get a response. He nuzzles into your leg or stretches across your lap, luxuriant in sleep, twitching and running free in his dreams. He lets you pick him up, cradle him like a baby, dress him in a coat, brush his…


Women in Danger Worldwide

It’s dangerous out there, people, and particularly dangerous for women in a whole lot of the world. Things are not getting better, and if anything, becoming worse in an ever-widening swath on the globe. In an election year, there’s a need for decisive steps to save our country and those elsewhere requiring help. It’s not…


New Russian Law on Religion

And so the hands on the clock move backward. The Yarovaya Package was signed into law by President Vladimir Putin, despite the appeals of religious leaders. These laws attack the religious freedoms of evangelicals and push the Russian Federation back in time to 1929. It was then that Yosef Stalin’s law on religion ushered in…


Signs of Summer

Personally, I’m in the midst of a number of special projects this summer, similar to mergers and acquisitions, time-consuming and not at all allowing me to move forward in other, vital areas. I barely know that it’s summer, other than my now-becoming-sporadic daily power walk. So today, I am recounting the highlights of summer and…


Your Life’s Sentence

Don’t get me wrong, not a life sentence, but your life’s sentence. That’s something different. What will sum up the focus and accomplishments of your life? Where are you aiming? What do you want? Claire Boothe Luce, American author and politician, once said that a great person’s life could be summed up in one sentence….


Monday Mottoes – #149

My husband recently likened raising children to growing a garden. Unless we weed it, feed it and water it, it won’t grow. Same with kids: let them do anything they want and you won’t get much good fruit. That is not a popular view these days, it seems. Walk into any public space— a store,…


Montpelier Train Depot

It was one of those sites that just presents itself. As usual, we were on our way traveling from one place to another, when good fortune would have it, we passed a delightful stop. Not really interesting enough to make a special trip just for this, it was an aha moment when the serendipity of…


When Summer Storms Come

Summer temperatures at our dacha regularly approach three digits, with the occasional violent storm thrown in for good measure. This is the south and this is how it goes. However, at our other house, midway up the Atlantic coast of the United States, summer still registers as hotter than hot and humid. It’s at times…