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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Monday Mottoes – #105

How much of life passes us by as we wait for new opportunities, hope for things to change, wish that situations could be different? How pro-active is it really possible to be? Are massive changes within our reach? Absolutely. But we have to commit to want the changes even if we take them on one…


Family Film: War Room

We interrupt this wonderful weekend to bring a special notice: go and see the new movie “War Room”. If you want your marriage to be close, your family to thrive, and you’d like God’s help, this film could change your life. It’s fairly slow-moving, but deals with everyday, real-life issues of love growing cold, disappointments,…


Mentoring Morality in Kids

Or, How Not to Throw Your Kids to the Wolves. School has started or is about to start in most parts of the country. We did not send our children to religious or private schools. We definitely did not send them to public schools. Could they survive either? Definitely. Would they come out unscathed? No….


Abducted or Missing Teens

Every year in the US, there are about 800,000 missing children reported. Many of these are nabbed by family and friends. (With family and friends like this…!) It could be a custody issue or a disturbed neighbor and that’s bad. But in my opinion, the truly scary ones are the 115 “stranger abduction” cases each…


Monday Mottoes – #104

I told you about a friend who was having one surgery, when another organ was nicked in the process and she was rushed to a different university hospital to have that fixed. Meanwhile, the couple’s grown kids had been secretly planning to send them on a European cruise in six weeks’ time and had to…


How Josh & Anna Duggar Can Get Help

Life in the fishbowl. Unless you’ve lived it, you can only imagine. Looks like fun, the celebrity, the access, the perks. Sometimes. Other times, it’s the exhaustion. You’re always “on”. You might be shopping for toothpaste and people come up and want to talk. Someone might think you’re overdisciplining a child as they listen in…


Monday Mottoes – #103

Most of us are rational human beings. Most of us. Most of the time. Not taking into account family members or employees who might push us over the edge. We once had a guy working for us who thought his whole job description involved arranging his social calendar. His office was not far from mine…


Capacity Building

Recently, I’ve been considering capacity building—whether in terms of human potential, mental capacity, financial capacity, leadership capacity and organizational capacity. What are the attitudes or beliefs or practices that limit us in life? Is the desire to change and expand ourselves enough? Or are some folks, no matter how earnest they are, simply incapable of…


Are You Settling?

Many good people settle for bad things. It’s because the bad things are sometimes thought to be not that bad, like the babushka (granny) in St. Petersburg, Russia, implicated in the murders of 11 people whom she decapitated and ate for dinner, hacking some to death while they were still alive. I believe we would…


Monday Mottoes – #102

I’m blessed with very special friends. We can share anything with one another, our highs and lows, our joys and heartaches. At any given moment, I may be carrying on five different text conversations in as many alphabets, ranging from silly to serious. It can get me into trouble, at times, because I tend to…