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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

When you gather with family or friends, or even have a simple meal by yourself, do you pause to give thanks to the Lord? Is it truly “Thanksgiving Day” or just “Turkey Day”? For our family, Thanksgiving Day happens more than once a year, it’s truly every day. Our children have been delivered out of…


Liberty University’s Biblical Museum

Only a couple of months old, Liberty University’s Biblical Museum packs enough punch to merit a visit. If you’re at all interested in Bible-era artifacts, it’s like a mini Israel Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia. The one-room museum serves as a perfect complement to the Center for Judaic Studies. Our family entered the sprawling Jerry Falwell…


Service That’s Not Forgotten

Veteran’s Day, with its smattering of sales, parades and concerts, could easily pass without one taking note. We loved, wherever we were, to often recognize the veterans among us and give them a round of applause. This year was much the same with a few exceptions. One, we saw an electronic billboard feting them, which…


The Solitary Placed in Families

It was a special night, full of the warmth of family and friends. We invited a couple dozen folks over for dinner and a movie. Our oldest brought an acquaintance from work. Another friend arrived with a young boy about 12 years old. “This is Banja,” she introduced us. “Well, hello, we’re so glad that…


Monday Mottoes – #64

This is a saying that’s been springing up everywhere and it mirrors the days in which we live. With a number of negatives being reported in the news, it can be challenging to stay positive when crazy folks are chopping off people’s heads and things like that. I like the series that begins with “Keep…


45 Minutes for Moi—I Did It

You would think I had said I was jetting off to have tea with the Queen of England. Everyone stopped in their tracks. Jaws dropped. Another tried to highjack the car. Only one sent me a virtual high-five text from work. I was going out to exercise on my own. Used to do it with…


Monday Mottoes – #63

Cultural norms vary across the globe. Having lived a lot of life in foreign airport clubs, I can assure you that business people from different countries dress, behave, and follow alternate formats for getting to the bottom line: the making of a deal. I recall explaining to two colleagues at a “business lunch” how I…


A Clean House… with No More “Stuff”

The younger you are, the more impressive things/ possessions/ collections are. I think I could start a few museums with all of my “stuff”, and that’s a good idea, because museums are for collections. In a house, in a life, it tends to overwhelm. I’m tiring of stuff, of noise, of nonsense. My eyes linger…


Monday Mottoes – #62

Heard a great quote the other day, very insightful in a number of ways. You see, everyone faces challenges in life, some more than others. We often shy away from problems because who doesn’t like smooth sailing? Yet, as a Chinese proverb says, “Smooth sailing doesn’t make skilled sailors.” This can apply to so many…


Monday Mottoes – #61

One day at a time. One step at a time. Break it down into manageable steps. Don’t take on more than you can handle. All wise words. I like looking at the big picture, but, let’s be honest, sometimes the big picture is simply… too big. It can be overwhelming. Maybe you’re facing a health…

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