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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Monday Mottoes – #52

All it takes is for something to go wrong—the health, the career, the relationship. Suddenly, you’re thankful for what you had, or what you still have. Or, nothing goes wrong, and you’re so grateful for smooth sailing. To not be facing any immediate oppression is a blessing indeed. No projects derailed at work, no deadly…


Islamic Terrorism: Coming Soon to a Neighborhood Near You

Are you sick of it like I’m sick of it? Beheadings, gang rapes of hundreds, children chopped in half. A photo of a 7-year-old grinning and holding a severed head, eight family members gunned to death with an open Bible on their couch, women and children kidnapped as slaves. This is what’s happening to Christians…


Monday Mottoes – #51

We brush our teeth, we walk the dog, we grab something to eat. We field phone calls, we send e-mails, and we meet in live or video-conferencing. Every day, much is accomplished simply by putting one foot in front of the other. But what about the “optional” areas of life? You know, all of the…


Monday Mottoes – #50

Nobody likes to see their children or loved ones go through difficult times. Yet, trying circumstances come to us all. Occasionally, they happen, as a talkative taxi driver once educated me, due to the vagaries and vicissitudes of life. However, more frequently, they happen because of our own mistakes. And that’s a difficult pill to…


Monday’s Mottoes – #49

So, it happened. Our oldest daughter, Mashenka’s, first day at work. Scheduled for one day per week, she would scoop ice cream at the same complex where her oldest brother, Petya, would drive her and where he would work on the golf course. How did it go, inquiring minds might ask? “Awesome!” said Petya, up…


Meriam Ibrahim’s Freedom Flight-!

We interrupt this day of stocks going down while the heat index goes up to bring some good news… Meriam Ibrahim, young Sudanese wife and mother imprisoned for her Christian faith… is now safe and sound on Italian soil. All we can say is “Bravo!” to the Italians and “Praise the Lord!” to the one…


Monday Mottoes – #48

Is it possible to live a life of no excuses? I wonder. Do we make excuses and justify ourselves because we have done wrong, or do we simply shrug off the idea of being less than perfect? Or, do we continue striving and give ourselves a coronary in the process? Which, of course, does not…


Monday Mottoes – #47

I admire military strategists and accountants because they both understand the value of a bottom line. Not everyone in life comprehends the fact that there are deadlines to keep, plans to follow, and goals to reach. They live in la-la land, hoping that things will one day be different, but never taking concrete steps of…


Islam is the Problem

Are there moderate Muslims in the world? Certainly. Are they speaking out about radical Muslims and the harm they cause? Not so much. Right now, Islam is on the rampage in so many hotspots of the world, but we’ll target two today: the global jihad (holy war) against Christians and Jews. The first, waged by…


The Right Rain Changes Everything

The right rain. There are destructive rains—you know, those severe storms that breed hurricanes, high winds, downed trees, strong flooding, and power failures. But then there are those rains that come in with fresh gusts of wind and a cooling, calming presence. They make everything clean. The humidity halves. The hot temperatures drop. It’s refreshing….

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