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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Kitchen Heat at Hanukkah

I get it, I really do. Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication, celebrates the cleansing of the Temple in Jerusalem after foreign occupation. When it came time to light the menorah, oil that should have lasted one day lasted eight until more holy oil could be produced. So most every food during the eight days of…


Monday Mottoes – #68

Are you a plotter and a planner? I admit that I am. I want to know going into something how long it’s going to take, how much it’s going to cost, what type of time commitment is needed upfront. No surprises, no shock, no second-guessing. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always follow that pattern. It’s a step…


Holiday Performance Panic

I have no problem with my kids being in holiday choirs, singing “O Little Town of Bethlehem” or “My Dreidl, Dreidl, Dreidl”. For our family, the festival of Hanukkah and the celebration of Christmas are what this season is all about. Decorating the home, giving gifts, enjoying special foods—it’s all icing on the cake—and a…


Monday Mottoes – #67

December, the final month of the year. What have we accomplished, what dreams have come to fruition, what lasting results have we lassoed into our lives? In a sense, it’s a time of reckoning, which makes most people nervous and leads to partying and revelry, as though absolving any accountability. Not so fast, not so…


You Can Script Your Own Reality

Oh yes, you can. Do you really believe that life is a random series of events? Not one to subscribe to the “everything-happens-for-a-reason” mindset, I still maintain that there are certain causes and effects coming into play. So why not change that dynamic? Turn it around. Stop settling. Alright, it may mean some time and…


Fairly Evident… to All But Those Involved

How is it that certain realities of life are self-evident to everyone except those going through the situation in question? You can list them with the best of us: 1. That all men are created equal—that is, if you’re white, male, Protestant, and a landholder during that time period. 2. That your secret office romance…


Monday Mottoes – #66

Waiting for the right day, the right person, the right job, the right home. Many of us play the waiting game for most of our lives. The right break, the right opportunity, the right contact. Whatever happened to… making it happen? Good weather or bad weather, feeling well or not, rough economy or a hot…


Giving Thanks on Thanksgiving Day

When you gather with family or friends, or even have a simple meal by yourself, do you pause to give thanks to the Lord? Is it truly “Thanksgiving Day” or just “Turkey Day”? For our family, Thanksgiving Day happens more than once a year, it’s truly every day. Our children have been delivered out of…


Liberty University’s Biblical Museum

Only a couple of months old, Liberty University’s Biblical Museum packs enough punch to merit a visit. If you’re at all interested in Bible-era artifacts, it’s like a mini Israel Museum in Lynchburg, Virginia. The one-room museum serves as a perfect complement to the Center for Judaic Studies. Our family entered the sprawling Jerry Falwell…


Service That’s Not Forgotten

Veteran’s Day, with its smattering of sales, parades and concerts, could easily pass without one taking note. We loved, wherever we were, to often recognize the veterans among us and give them a round of applause. This year was much the same with a few exceptions. One, we saw an electronic billboard feting them, which…

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