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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Monday Mottoes – #86

We visited an art museum last week as part of the kids’ spring break. It got me to thinking about some of the great artists, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, perhaps not a genius, but extremely knowledgeable in many regards: musician, painter, sculptor, writer, anatomist, engineer, mathematician, botanist, scientist, architect, and inventor. Plus, he painted…


The Power of Persistence

Most every day I take a power walk-run. That’s not to say that the gym is not in the picture, but frankly, I enjoy being outside, since it’s rare that I am not inside a car, an office, a home, etc. I try to head to an inhabited, commercial, parklike setting. That way, I need…


Monday Mottoes – #85

You might be a man or woman, an employee, a parent, a spouse or a friend. Somewhere along the journey of life, something has gone wrong. Boundaries have been crossed, whether verbally or physically, creating great angst and debilitation. Why are you the target? Do you need to stand up for yourself? Do you need…


Monday Mottoes – #84

The longer I live, the more important it becomes to keep things simple. I am used to holding multiple meetings and appointments semi-simultaneously, burning the candle at both ends while burning the midnight oil and multi-tasking in 101 ways. It’s nuts. I maintain calendars that are like transparencies, where layer after layer may be added,…


Was There Really an Exodus?

All sorts of new theories abound claiming that there is no evidence of a Biblical Exodus where the Israelites were slaves in Egypt for hundreds of years and then came out, led by Moses, heading for their ancestral home, Israel. You know, the story made popular by Cecil B. DeMille’s 1956 “The Ten Commandments” movie…


Passover Drama

The first Passover included tons of drama as the people of Israel exited the slavery of Egypt under the strong hand of the Lord. So traumatized was the Pharaoh of the time that history records him as leaving his usual war campaigns and keeping a low profile for many years thereafter. It’s no different today….


Do You Believe?

As Passover and Easter approach, it seems like a rather legitimate question: do you believe? And thus, Pure Flix has unveiled its latest movie offering on the big screen of theaters near you, entitled, Do You Believe? For those not in the know or flow, it’s a Christian movie (the big cross in all of…


Monday Mottoes – #83

Embarrassment is highly overrated, in my opinion. There are many tasks and trials undertaken every day for which we are not suited. But do them, we must. Do them to the best of our ability and forget about agonizing over it. A friend had a heart episode over the weekend. It was late at night…


Monday Mottoes – #82

Recently, I’ve perused quotes and opinions about balancing the many aspects of life. They range from suggesting we give up before even trying to balance the disparate parts, to encouraging that we give it our best shot because all of it matters so very much. Each of them in some way makes sense to me….


Seven Reality-of-Life Tips

1. You care more than anyone else. Don’t expect others to rescue you, carry you, reason with you, nor support you. Except maybe your mother, particularly when you’re young. Eventually, others will get tired. Then you will be alone again. You must care for yourself and aim to be the best you can be. Because…

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