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I-Pads at Passover-?

In my own little bubble of reality, I like to think that I’m still with-it enough to know about certain trends circulating in the world at large. Apparently not. One of my correspondents was kind enough to send me a NY Times article on incorporating i-Pads and tablets at the Passover Seder table.  In other…


Nine Problems with “Noah”

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating, since 3-D has received so many inquiries about our impressions on the film, “Noah”:  just because it has a Biblical name, that doesn’t make it a Biblical movie.  And, as director Darren Aronofsky states, “It’s the least Biblical film ever made”. That about says it all. Personally,…


Rainy Day Roadtrip Thoughts

I do a lot of command performances, not that I am in any way a performer, I just have to be certain places at certain times, rain or shine.  So once again, over the weekend, I’m in a rental car, traveling at high speeds in pouring rain and fog. Better than snow and ice. I…


SAT Makes Things Right

It had been one and one-half weeks since I sent my first e-mail to the College Board, voicing my objection that fully 50% of the students at March 8th’s exam had their calculators seized.  These were approved calculators at an earlier test, and now suddenly, they were verboten.  No reply. My husband had phoned several…


SAT Sticks It to Us… Again

Run the “Search” function on this blogsite looking for PSAT and SAT, and you will quickly learn that we have endured nothing but pain and suffering from the esteemed and venerable College Board, creators of standardized tests for American students aiming for college.  This last weekend, our son took the test again, and of course,…


The Fluctuating Scale Mystery Solved

More mysterious than any Loch Ness Monster or Sasquatch sighting, a case to puzzle Sherlock Holmes and perplex Nancy Drew, was the whodunit of the dead weight fluctuating scale.  If you recall my reporting of a couple of weeks ago (“Dead Weight” piece), I postulated the theory that weighing oneself right after rising resulted in…


Real-Life Russian Reality Story

I’ve always asserted that reality is far more interesting than fiction and there’s a story from Siberia that confirms my suspicions.  The saga comprises such a strange and other-worldly scenario as to almost be unbelievable. It was while researching another matter entirely that I learned of this story. Carried by the Smithsonian magazine last year,…


Hackers, Attackers, and Helpers

We’ve been doing some early spring cleaning at 3-D, getting rid of 59,000 “registered users”.  That’s a lot of comments to wade through on a daily basis-! These include everything from computer-generated spam, and shopping links, to malicious hack attacks, hits coming in to the tune of three per second on most days.  Many originate…


Is Sochi Going to be Safe?

We’re starting the one-month countdown till the Sochi Winter Olympic Games and no, I don’t believe the Russians can keep the games, their athletes, and their spectators safe. I hope they do.  Maiming and mutilation should happen to no one, but given Russia’s track record with terrorism, honestly, don’t count on it.  As was recently…


Our Life in the Car

No, we do not live in the car per se, but yes, for all intents and purposes we live in our car.  It’s not simply the daily back-and-forth of extracurriculars, games, and rehearsals.  Instead, it’s the long-haul drives that we used to accomplish in our own plane. Believe it or not, private planes are not…

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