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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

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Russian Rumblings & Mumblings at Pravda

The Russian joke used to go that “There is no Pravda in Izvestiya and there is no Izvestiya in Pravda,” naming two Russian newspapers and translated, “There is no truth in the news and there is no news in the truth.” Today’s version of Pravda pretty much confirms that. Not that the news is purely…

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Hooked on The Profit

I don’t watch much TV. If I watch any, it’s usually very late at night. Happily, CNBC’s hit series, “The Profit” airs when I happen to be working on the computer at odd hours. I love it. Marcus Lemonis, a multi-millionaire who started out as an adoptee from Lebanon, turns around small businesses with his…


Packages and Deliveries that Self-Destruct

No, this is not a story on terrorism, though it could be. I well remember when I first moved to Israel as a young bride. I had visited there for an entire summer a couple of years before, meeting my husband-to-be along the journey. Now, we were both there and opening bank accounts. Shuffling from…


Talking About Travel is a Trip in Itself

Just because Benedetto and I have traveled the world, our three youngest kids suddenly think they know everything about international travel. My husband was laughing about travel e-mails he receives for low-cost trips to various foreign destinations and how he couldn’t believe some of the affordable prices. “Possible…” I suggested. “The Dollar is higher than…


Reality Shows I’d Like to See

We all know the winning combo of winning reality shows on TV: Big characters. One-of-a-kind personalities. Access to places or situations we would otherwise not see. But that’s where our ways part. Recently, many reality shows have gone down the freak show pathway. The more bizarre and outlandish they are, the better, it seems. I’d…


Do You Believe?

As Passover and Easter approach, it seems like a rather legitimate question: do you believe? And thus, Pure Flix has unveiled its latest movie offering on the big screen of theaters near you, entitled, Do You Believe? For those not in the know or flow, it’s a Christian movie (the big cross in all of…


The Farce of French

My middle two children are studying French. It’s done through a very good DVD course with textbook and workbook. Unfortunately, I am the classroom quizzer and Pasha and Mashenka don’t like it one bit. The first exhibits shut-downs, the second, meltdowns. I learn that they follow their video-instructor’s every hint as to what will be…


Texts Gone Astray

The other day I sent a text message. That very fact says a lot considering that I really didn’t send any maybe six months ago. Now I’ve expanded from texting two people to ten or twelve. Woo-hoo. However, it can backfire. When texts are sailing back and forth, fast and furious, I can get confused…


The Road Less Traveled: Staying Home for Spring Break

Exhaustion, snow storms, the economy, or any of a number of other considerations can lead folks to stay home come spring break. I mean, if you can’t get away, you can’t. Often thought to be a vacation time for college students, many professionals and families in the Northeast and Midwest are ready to head somewhere,…


The Facebook Farce with Freedom of Speech

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerman took a stance of solidarity with the Charlie Hebdo magazine following the terrorist attacks in Paris. While I believe in freedom of speech, you won’t find me wearing any “Je suis Charlie” t-shirt because I don’t like when folks are offensive. Argumentative, yes. Offensive, no. Zuckerman stated that he believes in freedom…

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