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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

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Holidays are Here: Zoolights!

It’s that time of year in Washington, DC, when Pepco, along with other businesses sponsor the most amazing display of Christmas lights at the National Zoo. Whether still lights or high-tech dancing displays, each feature is more spectacular than the last. Most show animals, of course, whether on land or by sea. But there are…


Rising at 2:00 am for Black Friday?

Are you part of the post-Thanksgiving frenzy of shoppers flooding stores today? Discounts, sales and slashed prices beckon for shoppers in search of the best prices. Personally, I enjoy shopping in a quiet, empty store whenever possible. Loud music, other customers impinging on my personal space and picked-over merchandise make me want to flee the…


Our Russian-American Kids Voted

So proud of our three oldest children, two of whom voted for the first time in this year’s early elections. The discussions regarding candidates and showing the kids how to research candidates’ statements and records bordered on the hysterical at times, but we got through it. If ever there was a case for changing the…


Monday Mottoes – #162

Winston Churchill, born into an aristocratic family, experienced his own fair share of struggles. As Lord Admiral of the British Navy during WWI, he took responsibility for the Battle of Gallipoli, a bold plan which the Navy did not implement, but resulted in his resignation. In his absence from political office, Churchill wrote about the…


Petya’s First Scholarly Presentation

It was amazing. Spectacular. Stellar. Yet, as is often the case, it did not appear that all was going to be well during his first scholarly presentation. The research paper was excellent. Once 30-some pages, he needed to mercilessly slice and dice the manuscript to 9 pages in order to fit into the 20-minute time…


I Voted— Have You?

A number of major issues and political appointments loom on America’s horizon. The future depends on all of us and especially in a close election, everyone needs to vote. While I have voted with an absentee (mail-in or show-up-early-to-headquarters) ballot in the past, this is the first time that I’ve voted early near my home….


Where Have All the Real Books Gone?

You know me: old-world, old-school.  Low-tech.  That’s why I like books— I read them, I write them, I collect them.  Real books, sewn bindings, dust and all, not electronic books.  I receive them as gifts, people bring me unusual copies and first editions and those written in several languages. Love it. But it can be…


Phoneless and Homeless

The family headed out for a one-day getaway in honor of our oldest son’s upcoming 20th birthday. Hot on the heels of the successful meeting of my deadline, I was beyond exhausted, but happy. Leaving the house before dawn, we packed up the troops on our way between Point A and Point B… in order…


On Boyfriends & Girlfriends

Our kids don’t date. They range between from 20 years old later this month, to 16 years old next month. With four teens in the house, hormones are sure to run high. All the more reason why not to date, lol. It’s not that we’re against dating. No, I take that back. Who am I…


Our Scotties & Their Doggy Sleep Positions

It’s only a matter of time. Somebody’s got to design a doggy-adjustable sleep bed. I mean, the canines have needs, judging from their nighttime gyrations, not to mention how they sleep in the middle of the day. Look, Grisha is on his back, growling and wrestling! Now Misha is stretching out and taking up half…