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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Technology and Transportation


How Far Would You Commute for a Job?

Okay, maybe that’s downplaying the issue by calling it “a job”. More of a “career” or a “calling” could put it into better perspective. Yet the question remains: how far would you travel to work? Our family commutes, driving between seven and eight hours between cities to spend half a week in each location. Kinda…


Monday Mottoes – #203

Possibly the one truly non-renewable resource is time. It’s a commodity in great demand, yet many simply give up and throw in the towel, rather than harness their daily schedule. Could it be phone calls, e-mails, stop-byes and interruptions at the office that eat up your time? I had a friend who oversaw an entire…


Jilting Al Jazeera

The hatred-filled Al Jazeera “news” network from Qatar is being kicked to the curb yet again. Numerous Arab nations have found the network’s radical Muslim stance particularly suited to inciting violence and have rejected their broadcasts. The United States also does not allow them to broadcast, but their articles and videos may be found online…


Flash from the Past: Fun Summer Flick

With summer fading on the horizon, and back-to-school supplies and schedules concerning those who need to be concerned, it’s a great time for a summer film. Not to mention days on end of rain across the U.S.’s East Coast, which makes for good viewing weather…. So our family hunkered down the other night to watch…


Weird Webinars & Crazy Customer Service

I’m involved in a number of high-tech endeavors these days and basically, as a borderline techno-phobe, this is not easy. It’s not that I have any fear, exactly, it’s just that I’m nervous that I’ll push the wrong button and delete all of the work previously accomplished. So I call customer service that’s associated with…


The Family Woman and the Professional Woman

The family woman and the professional woman: and never the twain shall meet. And neither shall either be “enough”. Trying to balance “it all” and have “it all”, well, good luck with that. There’s always going to be something that gets the short end of the stick. Often, that could be you. Notice, I did…


The Problem with Bagels

There’s a problem with bagels? I like them, you like them, how could there be a problem??? By now, most people know that bagels, though appearing healthier than sugar-laden, fried donuts, actually pack about 200 more calories due to their dense nature. That’s hard to stomach, pardon the pun-! About double the calories. Yikes. Add…


Monday Mottoes – #199

It’s summertime, a lovely time to get ahead in life. When everyone else seems to be lazing around in hammocks or by the pool, you can be forging ahead in life. After all, vacay does not mean delay. Take the laptop with you. Make notes on the legal pad or the iPad. Strategize and scheme….


The House is on Fire!

Yes, I know, these kind of things never happen to you. But in our house…. Long story short, yesterday we had a kitchen fire. Benedetto had started heating some oil in a frying pan after a very busy day when he was preparing some things for dinner. (All I can say is that I am…


Snail Mail Stamp Decisions

Generally, there is the odd postage stamp available in our home. Generally, it’s an American flag “Forever” stamp, meaning, if the postal rates go up or down, it may still be used. Do you remember back in the day when you had to buy 5-cent, 2-cent and 1-cent stamps to make your old stamps work?…