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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Technology and Transportation


Mindful Mentoring

It’s been a wild past 24 hours. All sorts of mayhem, trials and tribulations as I face a major public address and as my husband heads away for a couple of days with a great young guy that he’s mentoring. I don’t even know if mentoring is the proper term. These days, young adults have…


Making a Russian Embassy Appointment

No matter what you do, or how you do it, you will soon come to the conclusion that you cannot make an appointment at your local Russian Embassy or Consulate. You might try phoning, e-mailing, even sending smoke signals, but you’re not going to get through. Ever. So, after completing my online form (in Russian…


Are You Swamped, Too, or Is It Just Me?

I am over-involved. My “Just Say No” button has broken. I have no off switch. I am swamped. Some would say slammed. I don’t like slammed. “I was so slammed at work.” No, too uncultured for me. Sounds like somebody’s hitting you. I was swamped, inundated, overwrought, if you must. In essence, too much to…


Back at the Russian Embassy

Who knows if they operate like this worldwide, but the Russian Embassy in our part of the world brings rather predictable behavior to the table. Visiting them repeatedly over the past decade, I imagined that some things would change, yet instead, they remain pretty much the same. With a few minor changes. If that makes…


Banking for the Busy

“Para Espanol?” The prompts are heard over the telephone for the umpteenth time as I begin all over again in the electronic menu. I cannot believe that the computer refuses to comprehend one- or two-word statements that I utter slowly and clearly. So I try, “Your ridiculous bank technology is messing up my life big-time…


i-Phone Photos

Hardly a high-tech person, my baby steps into technology have resulted in flat-out bingeing on phone photos. Even with constant deletions and downloads to my laptop, I am still left with 3,758 photos, 8 favorites which I don’t even know how they became my faves, 7 videos and 1 burst. Yep, I’m in overload mode….


Notebooks for Every Occasion

It appears that I have an unusual attraction for notebooks. This has existed since childhood and obviously is a sign of genius. I mean, great ideas come to us all and if we don’t write them down, how will we ever remember those flashes of brilliance or that turn of a phrase? Notepads surround me…


The Beauty of Bing

Some days, it’s simply too tempting. The computer opens to Bing and sure enough, there’s a fabulous photo just waiting to take your breath away. No fair. How can I get any work accomplished on the computer when such spectacular animal or landscape pictures stare back at me? I consider the photos to be on…


Of Detours and Deadlines

Working, working, working non-stop. One of the biggest deadlines of my life. Feeling a bit nervous, but cranking it out. Nine-day countdown and it would be best to get it done before then. Camping out in one of our homes while the family is at the other one. Bless you, Benedetto. I cannot concentrate with…


Celebrating the Season with ZooLights-!

Here’s a fabulous holiday treat for those living in or visiting the DC/MD/VA area between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. The Smithsonian’s National Zoo, located in uptown Washington, DC, on Connecticut Avenue, NW, hosts an annual light display with more than 500,000 eco-friendly LED lights. It’s free, and it’s open from 5:00-9:00 pm most every night…