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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!



Israel’s Right to Defend Herself

Imagine 6,000 missiles coming across the border from Mexico or Canada each year. (Never mind the 77,000+ children crossing into the US this year, we’ll leave that for another day….) An average of 6,000 missiles and rockets are launched against Israel every. single. year. Do ya ever hear much about it? Recently, those numbers escalated….


Passport Photos: Me and My Fat Head

It’s been five years and the girls need new Russian passports. Been there, done that with the boys. Happily, with the 10-year variety, now they’ll all be in their 20s when they need to renew again. Benedetto was going to be the parental co-signer, so we listed his name on the electronic form submitted in…


Crazy Car Conversations: The Tinkle Tax

Our family spends way too much time in the car. Shuttling between two homes with two boys, two girls, two parents and two dogs, it’s actually easier not to take the plane with our personal pilots and other paraphernalia. We arrive faster and fresher by driving. I thought. We may need to rethink that. During…


The Doggies Go to a Sleepover

Our little lovey Scotties headed out for their very own sleepaway. In order for our family to spend one or two days away, Misha and Grisha had to go to a friend’s house. There, they played footsie under closed doors with cat friends who were tucked away when they came to visit, while our boys…


A Fashion Photographer Meets Jesus

I’m not sure how I happened upon it, but the images are breathtaking. An American fashion photographer traveled to an Italian village to film some of the words of Jesus in a project entitled, “Journeys with the Messiah”. In his gallery of images, Michael Belk explores the modern-day relevance of Jesus. It’s breathtaking. The Italian…


Graduation Celebration

Deep undercover planning is going on behind the scenes here as our first son prepares to graduate from high school. Never mind that it’s homeschool high school, we’ll have a proper ceremony in front of a crowd one way or another, lol. When you think about it, only in a homeschool setting could your child…


May Day in Moscow

The older you get, the more things remain the same. It’s certainly not true in my life, particularly as I passed my whatever-number-birthday yesterday. But long, long ago in Moscow, they used to have parades on May Day, which I always found humorous coming from a Russian-American family, as though they were marching in honor…


Mid-East Peace Process Goes Kaput

Well, well, well, no surprises this week in the news.  Hot on the heels of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas saying that Palestinians will never recognize Israel as a Jewish state, the Arab League meeting in Kuwait echoed the same sentiment. Do you get this?  The ARAB League insists that they will not recognize a…


Rainy Day Roadtrip Thoughts

I do a lot of command performances, not that I am in any way a performer, I just have to be certain places at certain times, rain or shine.  So once again, over the weekend, I’m in a rental car, traveling at high speeds in pouring rain and fog. Better than snow and ice. I…


Big Bully Putin…At Home & Abroad

President Vladimir Putin of Russia is either paranoid or vitamin-powered, because the guy is busy 24/7 putting out fires at home and abroad.  It’s hard when everybody hates you. As his piece de resistance, the Sochi Olympics, came to an end, protesters again flooded Moscow’s streets.  So he blocked the websites of his critics, and…

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