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Cause for Celebration

ratraceI’m in the midst of a very busy time of life. This season, which has nothing to do with seasons of the year, has been particularly stressful. I need grace under pressure.

Lots of it.

Pulling myself out of bed this morning after three hours of sleep, I realized that I must count my blessings. Each is cause for celebration. The more I listed, the more I had-!

Here, let me do a list for you, too, my friend. Perhaps some of these will lift your spirit today:

You’re alive and well. You might even get to take a nap sometime today!

Nobody is suing you. Alright, nobody important is suing you. No matter what, you’re going to win. Particularly baseless, frivolous lawsuits!

You have good lawyers.

You’re healthy. You have very few aches, pains, or complaints. You have decent food to eat today. You have clean water. No major thdiseases are racking your body!

Your family is blessed. None of them are in prison. They are gainfully employed or moving in that direction. They are studying and passing. Hopefully, either or all of the above may be said about you.

You’re married. You’re single. Nobody’s divorcing you and even if somebody is, they don’t see your extreme value and worth. You will move on and life will become better because you are lovable and sweet and quite a catch.

You have friends who love and care for you. Or maybe you are the friend who loves and cares about others and soon, if not yet, you will be enjoying the same.

freeYou live in freedom. Nobody kidnapped you today. Nobody sold you into slavery. Nobody burned down your home. Nobody blew up the theatre where your kids were being entertained… and our hearts go out to those in the UK, for sure.

You had a place to lay your head.

Your God is not angry with you. You don’t need to pay him off, pacify him, manage his moods. He’s consistent, steady, faithful and loving. You can count on him, even when others fail you.

I thought I would list a few to get you started on your celebration list. Go ahead and think of dozen more throughout your commute and throughout your tremendous day as you look on the bright side and give thanks!

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