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Celebrating The Six-Day War: 50 Years Later

thFor ten points: how long was the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War of 1967? Believe it or not, I know people who have gotten the answer wrong….

But more often than that, they don’t understand how the Jewish State has been attacked time and again. For some odd reason, they believe that Israel has been the aggressor when nothing could be farther from the truth. A good case in point comes from the United Nations this year, when attempting to label and sanction Israel yet again. And then this happened, calling into question the motives of those attempting to move against the only democracy in the Middle East:


Since we are in the midst of the 50th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem, Benedetto and I are hosting a large celebration, complete with special speakers, Israeli food and music. In addition to our main course food item that I am providing (baba ghanouj or haztilim), I decided to bake a dessert, as well, aiming for simple, sugar, slice-and-bake cookies turned into Nutella-filled hamantaschen. This cookies symbolizes the victory of the Jewish people during the days of Queen Esther when Haman wanted to annihilate the Jews living throughout the Persian Empire, so I felt it was appropriate to commemorate the defeat of Egypt, Jordan and Syria against the fledgling Israelis. The reunification of Jerusalem was a miraculous event, won with the Torah scrolls (the first five books of the Bible) leading the way into battle on the Temple Mount.

IMG_4473So follow along. The indomitable spirit of the Jewish people and sugar cookies have a lot in common. If you’ve read anything about my multitudinous attempts to make, bake or buy hamantaschen during the late-winter festival of Purim, you know that the triangular cookies are not easy to craft. So to start with a simple sugar cookie dough seemed like the perfect solution to save time.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Unless the recipe is adapted to be slightly stronger (think mortar-like), sugar cookies are often too sweet or too soft. Plus, they don’t keep their triangular shape.

So late at night, I am crafting the cookies and they are all falling apart in the oven, oozing into misshapen masses of round cookies with a dab of chocolate in each center. No, no, no! In the beginning, when pinching together the three corners per cookie, because purists never fold the cookie over, no matter what— it seemed to stay together fairly well. Yet now, they oozed all over the tray.

Oh my.

Out of this sad experience, I learned a valuable lesson: in times of war, or in times of cookie-baking, it’s never too late. There’s always IMG_4472hope. When I pulled the round cookies from the oven, they were still in a softened condition, able to be formed. Using a rubber spatula, I pushed them back into shape. They were not great, granted, but it was a homemade effort of which even a professional woman could be proud (I can give you the instructions, Hillary).

Victory can come to all of us if we remain soft and flexible and never give up.

Here’s to an eternal, undivided Jerusalem. Mazal tov!


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