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Chalkboard Challenge

chalkboard frame 1Working night and day for months on end, I had hoped to take a mini-break in January or February. Before jumping right back on the merry-go-round, of course. But it never happened.

I should be cleaning, organizing, getting all of my systems and framed chalkboard goldstorage in place for the next major push forward on other fronts. Instead, my latest fascination centers around a crafty idea: making cute chalkboards.

From what I understand, it’s not that difficult to do. Perhaps I don’t understand it thoroughly…. I’ve been known to get in over my head on other crafty projects…. Let’s just say that Martha Stewart is not in any Vintage_Frame 1_by_EKDuncan - side smdanger of losing her empire to me….

Anyway, I visited thrift stores and antique stores in search of old picture frames. The goal was not to buy psomething expensive and beautiful, such as a framed print or mirror, but even thrift stores these days are trying to make a buck. Much of their framed-and-matted generic art hovered in the $29.99-$69.99 range, which, if it had previously been priced around the $100-$150 level, would be a good buy, yet, it still said to me, if you’re economically struggling, forget about hanging any major art. Where were all of the frames suitable for crafting chalkboards?

Online, bloggers displayed lovely, estate sale frames, a set of 3 pfor $5. Where did these people live?! Of course they could sell their handmade chalkboards for a profit when the cost of materials came in so low. At least I didn’t have to consider mark-up margins.

I ended up purchasing one chipped, antique, carved-wooden frame for $35, and one modern, thrift-store huge gold frame for $19.95. Aiming for hardboard (like pegboard but without pthe holes), Benedetto went to the hardware store and substituted plywood. Once I find someone with a jigsaw (not an everyday occurrence in an urban setting), lol, I will have the backing cut to size and paint it with chalkboard paint. That’s after I fill in any chips in the frame with wood putty and sand it down.

Should be cute. Eventually. As with any of my good ideas, it’s turning out to be more time and expense than I first estimated….

Do you think I can do it?


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