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Change Your Life… Today!

cr1It has come to my attention that many are the multitudes languishing out there, hoping to change their lives, but stuck in the realm of ennui and low energy. Today, yours truly will give you a good kick in the pants and inform: Yes, you can change your life… and you can do it today!

We all understand that some things don’t happen instantaneously, some issues don’t change overnight.

But some do. Let’s focus on those.

We will take them in no particular order….

Money (often a biggie): Go out and get a job. Yes, you! Or a second job. Or a better-paying job. It sounds wild and crazy, but it’s time to spiff up that resume and start sending it out. The good news and the bad news is thatcr most places except a few minimum-wage establishments do not even accept personally-submitted resumes, so just sit at home and shoot those buggers out— dozens at a time. Don’t send to any place in which you are truly not interested, of course. But get a number out there. Today. ASAP. This will change your life!

Network: Call up friends old and new who might have a connection to a job or better housing or a date! That includes alumni associations, former colleagues, neighbors, clients, you name it.

Start exercising: Take the long way from the parking lot to the office, ditch the car service or taxi and walk a bit, stand up from your desk and walk every hour on the hour for two minutes. Feel the energy seeping back into your body and brain!

cr2Organize: Straighten the physical area around you. If you can’t, call in a well-organized friend to at least make a dent in the piles and mess.  Renovate and spruce up.

Relationships: Figure out how much time you give eachcr3 week to your significant other. Okay, how about today? What have you done that’s nice and caring… today? Let them feel the love!

crChange your look: Probably one of the fastest, easiest ways to have an instant makeover— get a haircut or change in style, try a bright color or subdued color— something that’s different! Today. As in now.

Okay, that’s it. Choose three of the above, or all of the above. It’s up to you. Make your life a model of joy and happiness! Change things up. Today!


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