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Change Your Words Right Now

thIt’s Thursday and we could all use a few words of support and encouragement about now. So I’ve included the link to two mini videos, each two or three minutes that will have you smiling… and thinking….

I have no connection with these sites, but you knew that.

The first comes from www.purplefeather.co.uk , a copywriting service company in the United Kingdom. The engaging video,“Change Your Words, Change Your World”, shows individuals and companies the power of rewriting your message. Give it a look and see how it might help you today.

The second comes from Ralph Marston, whose motivational site I discovered when using his quote encouragementfor Monday’s blog. At www.positivepause.com his short “Right Now” video will soothe any raw nerves if you’re going through a rough spot. Full of beautiful scenery and uplifting words, the few-minute slide show will cause you to rethink your life experience in a positive way.

Reframing the negatives of life can change things around. I hope these are a blessing to you today!



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