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Chicken Little, The Ruble is Falling

crimea-ready-to-adopt-russian-rubleIn Russia these days, the sky is falling. Yet again. I first wrote about this back in September (http://www.destinationsdreamsanddogs.com/rough-times-in-russia/), but things have gotten worse. A lot worse. It’s raining Russian rubles as the economy tanks.

Yesterday, the ruble dropped to almost half of its value against the dollar since the beginning of 2014. The currency is now wobbling and shaking at 65 rubles to the dollar.th

With the price of oil falling, and the threat of sanctions against Russia rising, dark clouds are looming over the poor in particular. The peasants, as well as the politicians, are feeling the squeeze.

For travelers to Moscow, prices for hotel rooms are quoted in US Dollars and still stand as some of the highest in the world. But you may be able to snag some deals on food and local transportation….

Even Chicken Little could understand when the sky was falling. Here’s hoping that President Putin hones his powers of perception before the natives grow much more restless.


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