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Chinese Girls Raised by Rats

p3In one of the most surprising discoveries of our decade, twin girls in Shanghai were found to be living among rats in the city sewers. Lacking language, clothing and possibly any significant previous contact with humans, sewer workers glimpsed them there and then again at a city dump.

They were followed by thousands – thousands – of rats. The internet is full of feral children, those raised from young ages by chimps, dogs, wolves, birds, even gazelle. And now, apparently, rats.

Whether or not they ate the rats or just ran with the rats as part of their pack was unclear.  In 2013, quite p2the scandal arose in China when a huge crime case of rat meat being sold as mutton went public….

I had trouble finding any of these children or adults that made the transition to a seemingly-normal life. How they survived in the wild from tender ages is beyond imagination.

pShanghai police captured the severely-malnourished girls by means of tranquilizer darts. Taken to the hospital, the lead physician believes the girls to be between the ages of eight and ten. Authorities consider that the girls may have been dropped as babies into the sewer in an attempt to comply with China’s then one-child policy. Yet, rather than die, these girls lived.

The cruelty and neglect of human beings versus the care and compassion of wild animals is nothing short of staggering. If animals can nurture and nourish human life, why can’t we?


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