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Choose Your Battles-?

6654-parents teen.220w.tnI have four teens in the home. I guess we could stop right there. For most moms, that’s shorthand for: I’m aging faster than the speed of light.

Generally, our kids are good, so we’re blessed. Really. Of course, I’d have to acknowledge that I run a very tight ship, which probably is shorthand for: the ship’s not going down no matter how many icebergs we may hit. I’m a fighter, and it’s a daily fight to ensure that our sons and daughters are headed in the right direction.

And honestly, the stuff I have to worry about would not even be a blip on most parents’ radar screens. But you know me. I’ve never met a controversy that I parents-yelling-at-teen-girlcouldn’t take to the next level.

Let’s be real here. Leading your kids in the right direction is often a hands-on proposition. You can’t phone it in or manage from afar. You lead them by the hand.

tugof_war_teensAnd occasionally squeeze that hand until they fall to their knees in heartfelt submission and obedience, lol.

Well, I have friends who parent one child. Actually, a number of my friends are in that onesy boat, which makes me think that they were somehow putting it all together and understanding that cute babies one day become toddlers… which are enough of a handful… and before you know it… they would be teens!

Yet, some of them have a semi-sinking ship with only one child, and they sidle up to me with the prescient phrase: “We Fight_with_parentsneed to choose our battles, right?” I smile knowingly, as though agreeing, while inwardly thinking: “Whaddaya, nuts-?!”

Choose your battles. To my way of thinking, that means the Titanic has already been hit and you’re waving the surrender flag as you go down.  Start paddling, people!

It sounds good to not make a big deal about anything and everything. But really, life is in the details and little leaks have a way of turning rapidly. Especially when you have four teens in the house.


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