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Choosing to Change

changeThe power to change lies within us. What we need to do is conjure up an overwhelming motivation to change. Depending on the situation, sometimes easy and sometimes not so easy.

We might change through gaining a better vision of ourself, following our dream or desiring a dream life. We also might change through experiencing severe health issues, royally embarrassing ourself, or by being literally or figuratively pinned up against a wall. The carrot or the stick. Being proactive for change, or miserable enough to change. It’s up to us and how willing we are to make life happen or be kicked along by life like a half-deflated soccer ball.

Two researchers developed a description of transformation Prochaska and DiClemente they termed the Stages of Change Model and I’m going to examine how change happens through these steps. Can we truly choose to change? Or do we need the perfect conditions/ timing/ encouragement/ and outside stimuli?

In the Precontemplation stage, we’re thinking… but not too much. We want to ignore the areas that need change and find reasons why not toOld way new way concept change. It might be the children’s fault, the mate’s fault, the boss’s fault, society’s fault…. Hey, I’m okay! Maybe friends, family, colleagues try to point out that something’s amiss.

Until the health goes, the finances go, the career does not progress. Then suddenly, we need to change. We HAVE to change. There is no option but change. And we feel trapped. And suddenly, change is the enemy when it could be our friend.

Be open to change. Think about areas where it might benefit you. Embrace it before necessity hits you between the eyes. Why be a day late and a dollar short when you can be designing your dream life?

Change is good, when you plan for it in a positive way and embrace what just might benefit you.


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