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Cleaning, Not Accumulating, This Black Friday

blkfriI’m one of the few that chooses not to run with the lemmings on Black Friday. Yes, I’m up uber-early every day, so it’s not that appealing to head out to go… shopping! Accumulation isn’t appealing to me right now. I actually should be downsizing in so many ways.

So today, at before-crack-of-dawn, I was emptying out my e-mails. It seemed easier than cleaning closets, drawers, or rooms, lol. Somehow, I have been “subscribed” to all sorts of lists that I can’t imagine ever opting into, but who knows? Apparently I am. It means having to delete hundreds of messages each day and it’s started to take over my life.


I began by making a list of these high-tech wanna-be friends/marketers. A couple dozen mushroomed on my very own internet highway, seeking to take me on daily detours, each with more interesting subject lines than the next. Every one with promises of how they could make my life this or that….

crJust for the sake of social experiment, I found the e-mails fascinating in an amusing, distracted fashion. But I needed to focus and even ignoring or deleting them was taking up too much time.

Can you relate?

So out they go: unsubscribe, unsubscribe, unsubscribe.

Ahh… ten pounds lighter!


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