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Cleaning Up My Act… and Office

Office Worker with Mountain of PaperworkComing up for air after months and months of deadlines, my mini-project of the day (which will take much longer than a day… or two… or three…) is a spare office. It’s a place where I camp-out when I require laser-like focus, not anywhere I need to greet nor meet anyone.  Unfortunately, the papers there pile high, things become lost and it’s hard to find anything.

So I end up purchasing duplicates, since I can never seem to clutter2locate what I need. Unless the goal is to end up on the TV show “Hoarders”, lol, all that is going to stop. I’ve dug in and applied myself to excavating through the stacks and dealing with the disorganization.

pensI never used to be like this. It’s embarrassing. Sure, I can blame the kids needing me, or my own overly-busy schedule. I used to pick up after myself and enjoyed a high level of organizational skills. Still do, to some extent. Yet, the why and the how doesn’t concern me as much as the fact that it’s time for a turnaround.

In I plunge. What do I find?

My spending habits apparently tend overwhelming toward file foldersfiling folders and pens, paperclips and highlighters and white out, as I uncover numerous stashes. I could own my own office supply store! Each item is buried deep underneath the next heap of papers, making it difficult to locate at any appointed time. A spoon turns up, which surprises even me, along with lots of receipts and oddly-enough, a stain-remover pen still in its packaging. No flash drives, so far.

stack-of-booksBooks do not stay in their categorized shelves, but instead mix and mingle. Volumes placed on top of shelves and jammed sideways laying on upright tomes call out to be reshuffled. Nothing escapes my gaze.

Calls, e-mails and other urgent matters insist on my attention. Still, I come back to my project at hand and wrestle it into submission. I let others know that in case they don’t hear from me to come and get me as an avalanche most likely occurred from the sheer volume of stuff being moved. This is a good start during the first month of a brand new year.

No excuses.


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