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Clinton E-Mails and the Intent to Harm

crookedI texted my husband when the news hit that Hillary Clinton would not be prosecuted. Her use of a private e-mail server and the exposure of thousands of sensitive governmental communiques were not considered criminal because no intent to harm had been proven.

“Good to tell the police the next time I decide to speed— there was no intent to harm—” he started.

“So you’re admitting you speed?”

This could work to my advantage.

But really, how ridiculous. All of it was grossly negligent and that was prosecutable.crooked2

Not to mention the deletion of 30,000 personal e-mails from Clinton’s State Department account, half of her total volume. So who was working on company time and who was managing their personal life-?

Grossly, grossly negligent, harmful to the United States’ national security, and unconscionable. And her campaign states, “We are glad this matter is now resolved.”



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