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Co-Opting Nazi Germany?

at the "Toy Story 3" World Premiere, El Capitan Theater, Hollywood, CA. 06-13-10The other day, the actor Tim Allen made a comment about what it was like to be a conservative in liberal-leaning Hollywood. He likened it to being in Germany in the ‘30s:

The Last Man Standing actor said on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” on Friday: “You gotta be real careful around here, you know. You’ll get beat up if you don’t believe what everybody believes. It’s like ’30s Germany.”

That’s it. That’s all the guy said. The outrage and backlash… proved his point perfectly.

Oh. come. on.

I know about the Holocaust. Tim Allen is not a Holocaust denier. Tim Allen is not an anti-Semite. Tim Allen is somebody talking about a totalitarian regime and what it’s like to disagree with the powers that be. What it’s like to be bullied into silence.

The executive director of the Anne Frank Center issued a statement demanding an apology to the Jewish people.germany

Really? Really???

Nazi Germany is a symbol of so many things to so many people, some definitely more horrific than others. Why can’t we leave it at that?


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