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Coffee with the Billionaire


It was a number of years ago and both of us were interested in similar projects. I met with Ms. Billionaire at the highrise urban office, large and luxurious. She cordially offered me coffee and surprised me by standing up and going to get it, herself, someone with plenty of staff.

Running from other meetings, I remember to this day what I was wearing. My first thought involved where to freshen-up before dashing in to see her. I stopped at a nearby hotel’s restroom and did some quick touch-ups. It was a mad attempt at understated elegance.

The fact that she and I had a few things in common put me at ease. But we were not meeting for Ladies-Brunchgirly gossip, nor a leisurely brunch. It was our first meeting and both of us had demanding schedules and obligations. I found her to be gracious and engaging, a kind heart with plenty of personal pain. We were talking of collaboration on a project, discussing its parameters, whether it would work for both of our interests.

Then came the realities of what we both were involved in during those heady years. Ms. Billionaire’s plate was more than full, and I had a few Happy Meals of my own to handle at the time. We went in different directions and over the years, we were not in constant contact.

womenNow I was thinking of her, 20 years later. We both had a number of projects that had almost converged, totally different and yet similar. Her press said she was well. Her companies and foundations were doing well. She looked to have her act together and be at peace with her life.

I felt happy for her. I was glad for this woman’s success, despite a number of obstacles that had been thrown her way. She had survived and thrived.

Maybe it was time to have coffee together again.


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