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College Acceptance

college-acceptanceThe communique arrived before dawn in our son’s e-mail inbox. Short and sweet, it read something like this: “Many thanks for sending your application for a place commencing this fall. We have now made you an offer to study with us which has been sent separately to your email address.”

The foreign university was well-respected and Petya’s first choice. His hand quivered to open the second e-mail following in rapid succession. From the Deputy Head of the School, it read, “I am pleased to inform you that we are making you an unconditional offer to study” with details that followed.

Our son, his father and I looked at one another, stunned. They college_acceptance_letterwanted him! High-fives followed, with thanks to the Lord, and our son’s non-stop smile. As our oldest child, this experience was a first for us and we savored every minute.

Times had changed since Benedetto and I were in school. Petya planned on studying by distance learning. The university’s online courses held the same amount of panache and were worded no differently on the eventual diploma which would be granted.

university aveSo far, he appeared in no hurry to leave home. He could continue at his part-time internship and other opportunities in which he was involved, plus study online. The BA Honours course required that he present himself once for a week of study in-person, and possibly for another week at a later date if he so desired. Other than that, there were no residency requirements, yet even with travel factored in, the total cost of the degree would be less than the vast majority of American universities.

No debt. No need for scholarships, nor digging deep in one’s pockets. The option of going part-time or full-time, and positive professors who were extending offers to our son after reading over his impressive application.

Life didn’t get much better than that.


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    Congratulations and best wishes to your son! Actually to the whole family. What an exciting opportunity as Petya grows into more of his adult identity. Please keep all of us posted how online college works and how everything develops for him. We appreciate that you share your lives with the greater adoptive community and give us food for thought. All the best.

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Jeremy. We’re all happy for him and breathing a sigh of relief. Since he’s our oldest, he’s fairly amenable to being the guinea pig and test-driving the college process for the rest of the kids, lol.

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