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College on Less Than a Shoestring

diploma3Four years and under $5,000.  Read. my. lips.  Your intrepid Discount Diva has found you yet another educational bargain.

Have adoption costs, therapy sessions, and the economy wiped you out?  Have no fear.  Your kids can still attend university and graduate with an accredited degree for pennies on the dollar.  The entire cost of four years will be less than many colleges cost for one semester.

You may remember when we wrote about making it through four years of college for about $7,500 and in two years’ time with CLEP exams: http://www.destinationsdreamsanddogs.com/lowering-college-costs-with-clep-exams/.  Now here’s an idea that’s even less in cost and may be done through fully-accredited online classes.

The catch?

It’s in South Africa.

However, if you’re undertaking a Bachelors (3 years), Honours (4 years), or Master’s Degree (2 years) online, distance is south-africa-4not a problem, is it?  And yes, my well-educated friends, they do offer Ph.D.s, as well.

I have no connection with the university, and this is not a paid endorsement.  They simply sound fascinating.  At about $5,000 for a B.A. and $2,000 for a M.A., it would almost be wrong not to take advantage of the opportunity.

We’re talking about the University of South Africa, or UNISA (not to be confused with the University of South Australia—same initials).

Just thought you’d want to know!





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  1. avatar Leah says:

    Unisa certainly looks legitimate. Thank you for bringing this up! I’m going to pass the blog on to a number of friends. Always good to have an ace in the hole. 🙂

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