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College Recruiting Fever

college-mail2Everbody and his uncle want to shower our Petya, a rising high school senior, with scholarships, essay tips, loans, and college enrollment offers.  At least that’s what you would be led to believe if you took a look at his e-mail’s inbox.

In the subject line, this is what I see:  “College Essay Secrets No One Else Will Tell You”, “Get Expert Help with Your College Applications!”, “The Official SAT Question of the Day”, “______ University wants to get to know you better!”, “How Do Other Students Pay for School?  Learn from Them”,  “Petya, ______ College Might Be the Match for You!”, “Your Education Funding from Sallie Mae”, “2 New August Scholarship Winners!”, “Free Tuition Opportunity for All”, “The #1 Network for College Sports Recruiting”….

Lest we get carried away, I realize that these are ads, pure and simple.  Maybe he fit the preferred profile of 7ed41ad72a2a4371667524156132d868being athletic, earning a high GPA, and participating in lots of community service extracurriculars.

Maybe not.

Case in point:  he also receives a number of e-mails about dating services, face lifts, Alaskan cruises, and Lasik surgery, which provide a good dose of reality therapy and let us know that the marketers have no idea that they are not targeting an octogenarian woman at the same cyber-address.

student-loan-hateHey!  Wait a minute.  Maybe they know that I’m reading his e-mails….

Since the kids are at camp, I decide to discuss the e-mail offerings with Benedetto.

Moi:    “How do other students pay for school?  They work their tails off, that’s how.”

Him:    “Didn’t your parents pay your way?”

Moi:   “Um, that would be a NO.  Don’t you remember me taking off time to work and then going back to school?   I don’t believe in debt.”

Him:    “Then you’d better delete the e-mail from Sallie Mae.”

Moi:            “What’s up with that?  It’s not like he’s going to buy a house, or anything.”sallie-mae-report-shows-parents-are-covering-less-of-kids-college-costs-13072402

Him:            “That’s Fannie Mae for home loans.  This is Sallie Mae for student loans.”

Moi:    “I don’t care if it’s Suzy Mae or Lulu Mae.  Where did they get these names?  If it’s an expensive school, he’s not going there.  Why start off your adult life $100K in debt?  And who’s Freddie Mac, anyway?”

Him:    “He’s related to Steve Jobs and the Apple empire.  Actually, I think Petya may like the idea of an Alaskan cruise,” he mentions, scanning the inbox.

Moi:            “Good, think of it as your graduation present to him next summer.  Send me someplace warm….”

Him:    “I’m sure he’ll receive an e-mail offer sometime soon.”


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  1. avatar Jeremy says:

    Once you are on the e-mail lists, watch out!

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