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Destinations, Dreams and Dogs - International adventure with a fast-track family (& dogs) of Old World values, adopting the Russian-Italian-American good life on the go…!

Comments: Express Yourself!

My dear readers, that day is suddenly upon us: your turn to talk back (nicely, of course, and using an “inside voice”)…. Due to outside tech help, and continuing upgrades (did you notice some of the photos are very wiiiiddde???), we are getting it together with changes every day. The good news is that (drum roll…), Destinations, Dreams, and Dogs is now accepting your comments!!!

It’s true. Everyone who knows me, understands: I love chit-chat. Just in the written form. So shoot me a line, tell me what’s up, we’re here for you. (And now that I’m officially inviting you, you’ll probably all decide to go on spring break or something.)

I think we’ve finally learned how to delete the spam, nix the porn, and help the struggling masses yearning to breathe free. The other day, I had 16,000 comments sitting in my in-box. Here’s hoping for a kinder, gentler workload for Alexandra…. Please excuse me if I’m exploring the pyramids of Egypt, or teaching the Pythagorean Theorem to my children, or poking my dogs to get them to stop smelling some other pooch’s poo-poo and I can’t get back to you. We’ll be back to an even keel before you know it.

So join in the fun, encourage others, use an alias—I won’t hold it against you. Just speak well of others, don’t talk with your mouth full, cross your legs at the ankles, and all will be fine.

Waiting to hear from youuuuu….


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  1. avatar Benedetto says:

    Congratulations Alexandra, your new tech-support has really come through…does this mean I can retire? Meet me in Venezia!

    • avatar admin says:

      Oooo, how did you get in here? I’d go with you to the corner cafe, not to mention Venezia! Thank you for the kind invitation–are we talking any specific dates??? 🙂 Thank you for all of your help, too.

  2. avatar Phyllis says:

    I liike the look. I am also so grateful that I can now leave a comment!
    I was laughing out loud reading the last post on your son’s muscles. I can’t even remember all the ones that had me laughing out loud as I read because it sounds so much like our house! Truely, so many of your posts have been such a blessing. And now I will be able to let you know that!

    • avatar admin says:

      Thanks, Phyllis. It was all the spam and porn (you people know who you are…!) that we could not deal with. Now it’s more manageable. We appreciate everyone who comes back again and again to laugh… to cry… we’re all in this together!

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