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espressoI’m sort of a black-and-white, right-or-wrong, you’re either in-or-out type of gal. Yet, in many areas of life it’s difficult to even enjoy straightforward tastes or colors anymore, from tutti-frutti banana-kiwi-mango-papaya drinks to blue-green paint chips. I think it’s a fear of commitment in general, whether sticking with one career for more than a few years or choosing a shade for the wall or furniture.

You know, the hot thing for a few years now in furnishings is espresso, a type of brown-black color combo. What ever happened to either brown or black? The furniture companies want to have it both ways. You want brown? Voila! You want black? Voila! No need for them to manufacture two. A little for you… and a little for you… and a whole lot of nothing for everybody!  It must be a cost-cutting move.

Then we come to clothing. Used to be that a professional woman could push up the sleeves on her jacket or blazer, if she wanted or needed. 3_4`Now it’s already done for you with 3/4 sleeves, which is neither here nor there, in my opinion. Entering a more formal situation at work (which I imagine no one does anymore?), you will never possess businesslike, professional, long sleeves. (Should I even mention sleeveless dresses and the recent controversy in the U.S. Congress about that look being inappropriate?) In stores, I try on jacket after jacket, noticing that, unless there’s some jersey stretch to a top or jacket, 3/4 sleeves that might fall straight make my arms look short, fat and stubby. Can’t fashion houses commit to go all the way in the sleeves?

Maybe I’m simply a purist at heart.

C’mon people, decide already-! Go for it!

It’s like going to college for four years and majoring in… general studies.

I believe the commitment-phobes don’t know where they’re going in life, therefore, they don’t know who or what they want to come along for the ride. Make a choice and stick to it. No wavering, no wondering, no what-ifs. Or has your level of disappointment been so cultivated and groomed Change your mind later if necessary, but choose something, anything, and start going for it.

There, thank you, I’m glad we had this talk.


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