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Connecting Character Traits with Careers

thSince we’re on a roll with career counselling in the Bartologimignano household, I thought you might like to hear more. Hold the applause, please.

When our kids are stuck and can’t seem to understand what they should be doing—whether past, present or future—I have a new approach. I ask them what they would counsel someone else. Usually that someone else has the same name and is the same age, lol…. But we’ll get to that.

For now, I inquired about Mama and Papa, which would be Benedetto and me. Generally talking about anyone other than themselves gets the balling rolling….

“Alright,” said I, “if you didn’t know Mama or Papa and you had to counsel us, given our organizedpersonality traits, what should we do with our lives?”

Blank stares.

“Tell me about my personality…” I encourage.

“I’ll get into trouble—“ Mashenka, newly-17, rightly assesses.

“Oh, go ahead—let it all hang out—I’ll deal with you later—“ I laugh.

bossy“Well, you’re very—“ she makes karate chop motions in the shape of a box….

“Organized!” inserts Sashenka, 14.

“That’s it?” I press.

“Well,” the girls hem and haw, “you’re not afraid to tell anyone anything. You know exactly what everyone should be doing… and they’d better have a very good plan from start to finish!”

They’re warming up to the topic now.

“Alright, I would tend to agree….”executive

“Even people you don’t know—absolute strangers—you’re either directing them, or they’re coming up to you and asking you questions…. They think you know everything!”

“What can I say….” I smile.

“An executive,” Petya sums up, “of a multinational corporation.”

foreignlanguagTheir father steps in.

“And me?”

“You talk with every foreigner on the face of the earth,” they are liking this. “Any language, any country, any food, you find something in common with anyone!”

“And how would that translate into job skills?” I ask. “A flair for the foreign….”

“A spy?” says one.

“MacGyver!” states another. “You can spring into action anywhere in the world or fix anything!”th

“You could open an Italian restaurant….”

They know their father well.  Diversified.

Now that we’ve primed the pump, we turn it back to them and particularly, Pasha, whom we dealt with yesterday.

“And Pasha, think of your personality traits, and what you might be able to do, that maybe nobody else would be as good at?” I offer.

He wrinkles his brow. Long silence. Thinking, thinking….

PooperScooperDoodyCalls“A pooper-scooper,” he declares.

“Pardon me?”

“A pooper-scooper. The girls won’t do it, and didn’t you read an article to us once about there being big bucks in this kind of business?”

“Maybe if you own the company…” I sigh and then think again of him living in our basement for the rest of his life. “But you never know. That could be your thing.”

I’m considering changing my shingle to Career Counsellor. Whaddaya think?


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