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Counterproductive “Days of Rage”

Military Ceremony in GazaAnd so the Palestinians are rioting. What else is new? This is their default switch, their bottom line to which they return time and again.

A bottom line is not a good place to live.

I recall attending intensive Hebrew school when living in Jerusalem. It was time to beef up the lingua and move beyond pleasantries into the nitty-gritty of really being able to express myself, do business and carry on the everyday issues of life. There, in our level were Arab young ladies who came from good Jerusalemite families and who hoped to study at The Hebrew University, which had not so much to do with Hebrew anymore, except that most of the classes at the prestigious institution were undertaken in that language.

It was my privilege to speak with the girls during breaks, to encourage them and to point PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-CONFLICT-HAMAS-FUNERALout that rage never did much for anyone, particularly if they were burning and firebombing their own shops and homes….

Fast-forward to today. Why rage in any area of life when you can rebuild?

Divorced? Offended? Fired? Backstabbed? Profiled?

Move on. Period. Move on. It’s not worth your time and effort. Psychologists would have a field day with these over-the-top reactions.

Make the world a better place. Work for change. Build up instead of tearing down.

hamasWhy in the world would Palestinians (though historically that was a term that the Romans gave to the land – Palestina – there was no such designation before invaders labeled it as such unless you want to count the Philistines) even care if the U.S. recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, which it has been since 1948? The Jewish capital is already there, it’s not moving, it’s not hurting anyone, and the Palestinian dream of driving all Jews into the sea is just not going to happen. The Palestinian National Covenant has never been revised to reflect and move away from anti-Semitic statements, though they have promised repeatedly.

This is the thought that someone else doing well in life means that you will somehow beHamas shortchanged. It’s myopic. It’s a defeatist mentality.

And it doesn’t make any sense at all.

Palestinians, go home. Love your children, don’t turn them into suicide bombers, missile launchers or stone-hurlers. Go back to school or work. Build something beautiful and learn to live in peace with your neighbors.

Or move somewhere else in the Middle East.


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