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Country Lanes or Cathedrals

St Basil CathedralWhere do you talk with God? Are you the type that likes to sit by the seashore or on a mountain out in nature and commune, or do you slip into an open cathedral and quietly whisper a prayer?

If you can worry, you can pray. Worry is the opposite of prayer, whereas prayer means acknowledging that you can’t work out everything on your own.

You need help. And God wants to help.

But where to pray?

I’m all for houses of worship and gathering together with those of similar A_country_lanefaith. There’s something about being in a holy place set apart for worship. There’s an awe to the atmosphere, where Important Things take place.

Yet, every day, we need a place where we can call out to the Lord, to lay our burdens before Him. Where is that place for you?

20120120_inq_vsmyard20z-bI would do well with a country lane, or a back porch. Sadly, I have neither. Would a crowded subway work the same?

I enjoy a couch, or the kitchen table. My bed is always good, or driving in a car. And how many prayers have been whispered by white-knuckled travelers on a plane?

My dreams take me to dew-laden gardens at dawn and deserted beaches at dusk. My soul needs quiet and calm and contemplation to balance out the controlled chaos which usually surrounds me. I wonder if those on farms have more faith than those in cities or suburbs?

No matter where, no matter what, start talking. He is there and He is listening.


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