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Couple Time Apart from the Kids

coleman_ridgeline_4_plus_tent_zij_aanzichtBenedetto and I are sneaky ones.  Most parents have private time away from their children.  It may be when they’re in school, or at night after they’re in bed, or at their grandparents’ over the holidays.  Since we have few of those options, you have to get creative.

Enter spring break and our teens’ joy over a staycation.  They have so much planned, things that would seem average… to the average family… but for them, it’s exciting.  And so the plan for the Great Backyard Campout was hatched.

“Can we?  Can we?” they pleaded when we floated the test balloon idea.smore

“Sure, try out the tent we’ve never opened, S’mores over the grill, look at the stars through the telescope, camp out with your sleeping bags…” we encouraged.

Never mind that the temperatures were dropping into the 40s that night, or that alligators, huge owls, Rocky the Raccoon might show up next to their tent by twilight.  We and the dogs would have the house to ourselves.

By the time we finally got them out the door on their big adventure, it was later than late.  But hey, it was the thought that counted:  two minutes to ourselves.


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