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CoverGirl’s CoverBoy: No, No, No

coverboyThis is disturbing on so many levels.

Do men use cosmetics? Yes, upon occasion.

I have no problem acknowledging that a guy could need a moisturizer. He may have a blemish that requires a coverup. If he’s in the public eye, a bronzer might give him a healthy glow. For television appearances, light powder would cut down on shine.

However, a man who applies full makeup from foundation to lipstick, eyeshadow to mascara, is not normal. I don’t care to see images such as these in cosmetics commercials.

CoverGirl’s decision to feature 17-year-old James Charles, a teen cvrgrlboy, in full drag makeup is a step in the wrong direction. With Charles as their new beauty ambassador, all I can imagine is that CoverGirl hopes to target a new demographic, which would be CoverBoy. Not me and my girls.

Their prerogative. And so, we are making a statement of our own, closing the cover on this chapter and saying goodbye to CoverGirl.

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