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Craft Appreciation 101

quiltsI am not crafty… but I love crafty things.  Handknit sweaters, homemade quilts, lumpy fruit preserves in Mason jars.

I am a craft admirer.  I drink it all in… after smiling over the marbelized design in my cappuccino foam.

Many are the projects that I’ve purchased, compiled, and never tackled.  Felting, quilting, glass globs longing for unique jewelry settings.  Lovely, lofty ideals, but alas, no time in which to do them.

Now I look at pretty pictures and live vicariously my five minutes of jam“country calm”:  distressed or painted furniture, chipped watering cans full of wildflowers, wall weavings… okay, forget the wall weavings, I can live without those dust collectors.

flowersThe other day I saw the prettiest bouquet of flowers, a wonderful mix of fragrant, pink roses with lime flowers of all sorts filling and fluffing the arrangement.  It took my breath away, simple and sweet.  It made me happy for whimsical and creative people, for those who can pair multi-colors and patterns in clothing, furnishings, or foods.

Don’t you love when food is presented well?  Maybe a drizzle of chocolate or balsamic vinaigrette around the edges of a plate.  Perhaps some dabs of pesto or crème fraiche.  A sprinkling of diced mint or cilantro across the top of an entrée.

Sure beats slinging out the hash helter-skelter.food

For now, I’m going to layer on some colorful, warm scarves, forgetting for a moment that I don’t have a long neck, I don’t have a casual lifestyle, and they don’t match anything that I’m wearing.

It’s my nod to all things handmade and wonderful, a small daydream, and a flight of the imagination that nurtures the soul.



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  1. avatar Lyn says:

    Who made this beautiful quilt?

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