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Crafts for a Cold Day

We took a fun 30 minutes the other day to make upscale bookmarks.  Not being a Martha Stewart type, I think they turned out well.  You could do this with a musical theme, a sports theme, a Biblical theme, a nature theme, a pet theme.  There are a lot of options for every season and every holiday.  Ours were done back on Presidents’ Day, so hence, the patriotic theme.  I think grandparents might enjoy silhouettes of the kids, as well….

The supplies are simple:  construction paper, pencil for tracing, good scissors, glue stick, patterned paper, and laminating paper.  Maybe a photocopy of a profile that you’d like to trace.

Since ours were historical in nature, our patterned paper was the Declaration of Independence, photocopied.  You may want special verses as your background, quotes and sayings, sports scores, or a handmade paper.  Get as fancy as you wish.

Use a template to cut a piece of construction paper for the back.  Choose long and narrow, or short and squarish.  Now you have your front sheet of decorative paper, then cut out your back sheet of plain paper the same size.  (Or “cheat” and cut them both at the same time, like I did-!  Who said you can’t multi-task while doing crafts?)  Glue together with your glue stick.  It doesn’t take much, since you’ll be laminating later.

Trace your silhouette of historical figure, sports figure, pet, bird feather, or pressed flower.  Whatever floats your boat.  Cut out and paste that on the center of your decorative paper.

Finally, adhere the laminating paper on either side.  Cut roughly about 1/2” around the sides.  Then take your time to trim to 1/4” and round the edges nicely.

Voila`!  A great bookmark to use, or give as a gift.



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