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Creative Anniversary Cakes

IMG_2947The celebrations are continuing.  The 35th wedding anniversary has taken on a life of its own, complete with us feting other couples, as well.  There have been parties, blessings, photos… and cakes!

At our wedding long-ago, Benedetto and I enjoyed a cake from a very famous bakery.  The elaborate lattice-work detail, and choice of flavors inside, combined to make it quite special for that era.

Now we hoped for a simple cake for any anniversary celebrations.  The idea of a sheetIMG_2987 cake seemed too simple, and a fancy wedding cake, too elaborate.

With a bunch of travel taking place this fall, numerous birthdays, and other significant events, the two of us rejected the thought of a custom-made cake, as in something like the Cake Boss might whip up.  (Fun thought though that may be-!)

The simpler, the better.  The less time, money, and stress… and I was in.

That’s how we found ourselves at a major food retailer, ordering a straightforward two-tiered chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream icing.  A few decorative swirls.  A silver fondant bow on top.  Over and out.

IMG_3059Beautiful.  Understated.  Delicious.  I might have encircled the two cake rounds with a strand of silver pearls each, but had no time.  We were deep into chuppah-building, but that’s another story for another day.

At our second location, a friend stepped up and said he would bake the cake.  A very creative gentleman, we knew nothing of his baking abilities.  He assured us that the cake would be multi-tiered and offer chocolate, apricot, and raspberry buttercreme fillings on the layer of your choice.  Decorated with fall flowers, all I can say is it was IMG_3064beyond delish.

The fact that it was crafted and baked by our friend made it so meaningful.

Surrounded by friends, friends, and more friends, I’m finding the nod to a wedding cake, yet with a modern, anniversary twist, somehow spoke to all of us.  There was time to admire, chat, shmooze, and celebrate.  It was not totally about “us”, it was about everyone, which made the gathering happy- happy-happy.

And that’s part of marriage, too:  being surrounded by a community of friends who are cheering for you, fortified by cake and caring.

Love it.


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  1. avatar Shelley says:

    I want your life, Alexandra! You know how to celebrate in style. congratulations!

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