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Critical-Stage Hair

pUnless Neanderthal in our notions, there’s probably not a man or woman among us who has not been backed up against the wall with a critical-stage hair situation. Either the bangs have grown too long, the nape too scraggly, the ends too split.

I reached that juncture recently during a major storm. Never mind that nobody was on the road. Forget the fact that the hair salon might not even be open. I had to go.

At the dacha, I had more time, but less expertise prevailed in this area. In pthe city, skill abounded, but paired with a distinctly busy schedule, it was hard to take a minute.

And now I had to make time. Here I had been limping along, styling my hair this way and that to make up for an originally-bad cut.

“What happened?” the stylist asked.

She saw exactly what I meant. It appeared as though there was more hair pon one side of my head. The layers had not been cut nor angled with precision.

The hairdresser cut here, there and everywhere with such excellence, I was sure it would change my life. I departed a lighter, happier person. Gone was the critical-stage hair.

Isn’t it great to have a “new you”?


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