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Crockpot Coq au Vin

crockpotMy husband and I were raised in families that loved to read. Some family members poured over big books, others loved to leaf through catalogs and cookbooks. This proved to be a wonderful way to relax and gain inspiration.

Benedetto’s interest in eating various cuisines extends to cooking the foods, as well. So, as a gag gift, I got him a crockpot cookbook. Now, I believe in stew, or chili, or soup simmering in a crockpot… but Coq au Vin?

He may be taking this too far. There are some items that don’t blend well with a crockpot. Really. Think about it: most of your upper-end coq-au-vinfoods—pate de foie gras, truffles, caviar, filet mignon. None of these are mentally associated with a crock pot.

And for good reason.

So why the Coq au Vin? Because slow cooking is king when it comes to  simmering anything savoury or sweet. It cooks continuously and Crock_pot_coq_au_vin_400seems safer than an oven or stovetop. Unfortunately, it never cycles off and on and therefore, uses a lot of energy spread over many hours. Plus, it might also heat up the kitchen in the summer.

But still. I’ll give him a pass and trade Cordon Bleu cuisine for comfort food family cuisine any day.

And if it can be done in a crock pot, all the better.


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