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Cultivating a Sense of Culture

index1Washington, DC, is no New York City in terms of theatre. However, our nation’s capital has more to offer than normally imagined. Home to the National Symphony Orchestra, the Washington National Opera, and the Suzanne Farrell Ballet, it’s got a few things happening.

Yesterday, we took advantage of a free performance at The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. All we knew was that it was called “The Voice of Anne Frank” and that Dancer Mirenka Cechová and cellist Nancy Jo Snider utilize dance, music, spoken word, sound effects, and lighting to convey the words of Anne Frank’s diary. It was presented in cooperation with the Embassy of the Czech Republic.th

The Nutcracker it wasn’t.

The sparse production provided an attention-grabbing initiation for those unused to the theatre. Disjointed, fragmented, hallucinatory movements pervaded the minimalist stage. The single dancer writhed and made hasty scribbling movements in tandem with the otherworldly cellist jabbing with her bow and creating shrieks and chalk-on-blackboard sounds.

indexFor the first half of the performance, Dr. Cechova kept her back to us throughout every muscle spasm and yearning, plaintive fling of her frame against the back wall. Modern to the max, evocative, emotional, I wondered how our four teens might handle it.

They did well.

If you want to view the performance for yourself, go to www.kennedy-center.org and search the archives. Truly there’s something for all tastes, thanks to the Marriott Foundation and Target’s “Performing Arts for Everyone” at the Millennium Stage. It’s here that low-cost or free concerts are produced 365 days a year. And for those at a distance, live internet broadcasts of each performance happen every day at 6:00 pm EST.

A good opportunity to expand horizons, genres, and life experiences. Do something out of the box today.


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