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Cute Crafts Are Not As Easy As They Appear

Repaint-Old-FurnitureHave you ever seen some great craft project, whether in a magazine, on TV or the internet. Looks easy-peasy, like child’s play.

Not so fast.

Recently, I saw something about painting ugly, old wooden furniture. The steps were straightforward enough:

Sand with a high-grit and then low-grit sandpaper, not to totally remove any earlier paint or varnish, just to rough it up.

Wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry.IMG_8048.JPG

Paint with primer coat.

Lightly sand and wipe down, if necessary.

Paint final glossy coat. Maybe change out older hardware if needed.

Looked absolutely fab.

So I enlisted the kids to help sand, I got out some wood putty to fill in nail holes and cracks. Although I had specified gray spray paint primer and then black glossy paint, I somehow ended up with all spray paint. Which descended in a fine mist everywhere, even with tons of newspapers spread everywhere.

IMG_8053.JPGNot that we read the newspaper, but we receive those advertising newspapers that everyone loves to hate since they are tossed for free on your property and then announce to all criminals far and wide: THEY’RE NOT HOME, as they pile up on your lawn or driveway. I knew they would come in handy one day.

So now I have the furniture (at least my trial few pieces) partially primed, while I remove the fine mist from tiled outdoor walkways which were supposedly covered with newspaper. Let’s just say I am out of nail polish remover. Now to buy actual paint (forget the spray paint!) and do the final coats.

Wish me God-speed on this, I am in need of some Divine intervention.


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