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Cute Food

This being a holiday weekend (and we thank all who have died in our nation’s service, and their families), many families celebrate being together with cookouts or picnics.  Which brings us to the topic of “cute food”.

I had a mother who made me cute food—she cut up sandwiches into triangles without any crust.  She made radishes into flowers.  Although not technically food, she folded fancy napkins into all sorts of shapes and motifs.

Now I have a husband who enjoys, upon occasion, making cute food.  I am sure it is simply making up for my deficits, though I have been known to add little love notes to lunchboxes.  Everyone knows that the cute gene carries to every other generation.  And while Benedetto’s mother was an excellent cook, I don’t think she catered to “cute” in terms of presentation.

So the other day, we were all surprised with some appetizers after a particularly long and grueling day.  There were garlic bagel crisps with some kind of salad dressing slathered on top, and tiny slivers of veggies crowning them—broccoli, or peppers, or cauliflower.  They were delicious and we all gobbled them down.  It made it even more special that they were cute.

Maybe you make the peanut butter and jelly sandwich (now outlawed at many schools due to the peanut content) for clandestine dining at home, pressing a smiley face brand into the bread.  Or a grilled cheese sandwich, searing another symbol across it.

A friend recently made the cutest (and tastiest) cucumber tea sandwiches, cutting the whole wheat bread into rounds slightly larger than the circumference of the cucumber, mixing a packet of dry ranch dressing with cream cheese spread over the bread, topped with a slice of cucumber and two small chive sprigs on either side, to add further cuteness.  Yum!

Do you have any cute cookouts planned for the holiday?



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  1. avatar Sybil says:

    This reminded me of the movie, “Mermaids” which starred Cher. She never made anything but “cute” food in it. I found that part of the movie fascinating and original. As far as our having any cute food for the Memorial Day weekend we didn’t. My husband is stuck on Ruffles and onion dip or Triscuits with Italian salami. We also had company for breakfast and we made Norwegian waffles – if you haven’t tried them you must. They are a family favorite which came with him when we married. We also had a BBQ with ribs and chicken, salad, baked potatoes and vegetables. And our daughter made lemon bars for dessert. Yummy.

    • avatar admin says:

      Oooh, we’re all coming to your place, Sybil! Sounds really yumalicious. Norwegian waffles… I’ll have to check into those, but I never met a waffle (or anything else you mentioned!) that I didn’t enjoy. 🙂

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