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Darkest Hour

crThe greatest generation. Resolve. Determination. Sacrifice.

Against a backdrop of dark days, dark hours, Nazism and World War II.

Currently in theaters is the amazing film, “Darkest Hour”, which chronicles Winston Churchill’s unlikely rise to power after numerous defeats in decision-making. Yet, with his call to become Prime Minister of England, he tried to stay true to himself and continue in decisive mode.

Unfortunately, the Prime Minister inherited a multitude of problems. The entire British Army stood crsurrounded and cut-off. Unsupported and hindered from Parliament to the palace, Churchill was ready to cave. His War Cabinet wanted to make peace with Hitler and we all know how trustworthy that would have been….

How did he regain his resolve? How did Britain press on to victory despite certain defeat?

crThis amazing film tells how Churchill made contact with his public who guided him and stood by his side during difficult days. The movie focuses only on the threat of invasion and the distinct challenges of mid-1940. Even for those of us who know the end of the story, it’s an exciting couple of hours.

We need more strong men and women given to public service, willing to make changes in the world around us through resolve, determination and sacrifice.


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