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Dasvidanya, Russian Diplomats!

crAnd so, President Trump acted on the NSA’s advice to expel from the United States sixty-some Russian diplomats, giving them a few days to get up and get out. Dasvidanya. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Personally, I think this makes for an interesting study. Here is Donald Trump, a businessman, elected official and president, who considers himself a premier deal-maker, who could forge alliances and fashion friendships with anyone thought to be beneficial to him or his country. He reached across the ocean to shake paws with the dancing bear, Putin, and came away scratched and clawed in the process.

Putin miscalculated.

When Barak Obama whispered in Medvedev’s ear and told him to tell Vladimir that once Obama wouldcr win the next election, then… blah, blah, blah… Putin’s laugh could be heard from Moscow to DC. Fast-forward to now: Russia sees a yellow-haired, womanizing, buffoon of a tweeting businessman trying to make nice and they underestimate him. Apparently, they didn’t research enough: Trump doesn’t drink, unlike his Kremlin comrades, he marches to his own balalaika and he likes to fire people. He can be cold and calculating. If we had a KGB in the US, Trump could easily head it.

So they continue to fly their Black Sea jet fighters within inches of our planes, making aggressive gestures by land, sea and air. They poison a former double agent and his daughter in Great Britain. It’s the straw that broke the bowl of borsch.

crRussia, you’re fired! Putin’s playmate can play bully, too.

Out go over sixty Russian diplomats from Washington, DC, New York and Seattle. I can only wonder why the Houston consulate remained unscathed? And America is joined by more than twenty other coalition countries who also expel Russian diplomats.

Now the sleeping bear is awakened and angry. But some would argue that the bear was grumpy even in his fitful sleep.

Stay tuned.

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