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Dead Weight

thPhysics, gravitational pull, two objects because of their masses attracting one another, and direct proportionality are not my strong suits.  However, there is an issue that is well-known by any parent or pet owner.  It is not widely publicized, and today, I am going to unveil this theory, solve a scientific mystery, and cause shockwaves across the globe.

It is this, based on absolutely no scientific calculations whatsoever:  children and pets who are asleep or unconscious weigh more than when they are awake.

Now, of course, the nonscientific name for this phenomenon is called, “dead weight”, or “the sack of potatoes syndrome”.  And some would postulate that it is not a change in weight whatsoever, but simply a sleeping-childredistribution of the center of gravity.


(There are also those who argue that when one dies, the spirit departs and since this force of life gives energy and lightness to the body, therefore the person becomes heavier, i.e., “dead weight”.  On the other hand, some sleep-stairspropose that the spirit actually weighs something, and when it departs, the deceased person becomes lighter in weight.  We will leave these discussions for another day, since there is no scientific proof that body weight changes just before, or just after, death.)

I’m talking about children and dogs who are “dead to the world” by sleeping and therefore adding weight to their masses when one attempts to carry them from Point A to Point B.  It is my understanding, that, even though my height by standing and carrying may put me into a slightly different gravitational plane than a prone creature, it would not change our weight considerably, as though one of us suddenly resided in outer space.

However, I have been doing my own semi-scientific experiments.  Consider this early-morning routine and I068459234667_ca double-dog dare you to try it and report back your findings:  I rise early in the morning, go to the bathroom, use the toilet, and then weigh myself.  Yet, if I rise, use the bathroom, and walk the dogs, or otherwise wait 5-10 minutes without doing any exercise or showering, etc., I weigh approximately 1/2 pound less.

This plays into the theory of “dead weight”, that our sleeping mass is not only more limp, and differently distributed, but it is actually heavier than our fully-awake and functioning mass.  Barring the idea of weighing yourself while you’re asleep (!), or weighing your pets or children when they are asleep since it’s difficult to control clinical conditions such as clothes –versus- pajama weight, did they recently relieve themselves, etc., you’ll need to take note of your weight immediately after awaking.

Weigh yourself when you rise in the morning, and then about 10 minutes later.  (Make sure you use a digital scale.)  What do you find?  Report back here.


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