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Desperate Mother Moments

ILoveLucyLittleRickiesI’m doing okay, thanks, even though my eldest son is far away. Saying goodbye at the train station at 4:00 am was challenging. But he made it to Manhattan, no problem, meeting up with his team and then heading for points north.

His two tired parents, myself having slept for all of an hour or so, and Benedetto about quadruple that time, came back home and crashed. Naturally, Petya kept texting, so I couldn’t sleep, even for a couple more hours.

I flick on the TV to keep me company. Do you know how many infomercials there are in the pre-dawn hours? I finally light upon “I Love Lucy” reruns. This one in particular happens to revolve around Ricky, Jr., having to be in the hospital overnight. Lucy hoped to spend the night with him, but is informed that overnight family members are not allowed in the hospital.

Naturally, Lucy thinks of her baby son languishing without her, how he doesn’t even have his teddy bear I-Love-Lucy-i-love-lucy-17796170-489-328and she becomes desperate. Smuggling herself in as a nurse, the storyline goes from cockamamie to crazy.

The parallels hit close to home. I wonder if I should try to visit him, you know, just show up five hours away, lol.

No, so far I’m doing fine. Maybe we had far too much time together abroad, but I’m really okay. I might send letters and care packages and whatever else is allowed, however, I’m not up to Lucy-level just yet.


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