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Divine Retribution and Hurricane Sandy?

I dunno.  The way I figure it, the Creator of the Universe has the right to do whatever He wants.  I have enough on my plate trying to control my own universe than to try and tell Him what He should be doing.

On the other hand, I’m not so sure the Lord is sitting up there with a fly-swatter, looking to swat us at every twist and turn.  If that were the case, who among us would not be toast already?  Fried.  Zapped.  Annihilated.

The latest has to do with Israel’s right to exist, and our United Nations Ambassador telling them not to build homes… on their own land.  Just imagine if the US was attacked by our neighbors, won territory in a war that we never started, regained territory that once belonged to us, and then was told to give back the land-?

But it’s happened to Israel time and again.  This tiny territory about the size of the State of New Jersey (hmm… isn’t that one of the places the hurricane hit hard?) has been pushed around since Day One, whether by the British (what were they doing there?), the Ottomans (Muslims), the Romans, as we go back, back, back in time.

So, the Divine Retribution Theory goes something like this:  the US Administration told Israel (the Apple of God’s eye, the Chosen People, the rightful heirs to the historic Land of Israel) to take a hike, and zap! we get hit with a storm.  The U.N. is forced to shut down (no big loss there), the N.J. casinos shut down (a lot of pensioners were miffed), and Broadway plays could not continue (unless they’re hotbeds of iniquity I can’t see the direct connection there).  Cause – effect.



Again, I believe that God can do whatever it is He wants.  If He’s fed-up with our policies and lifestyles, that’s His prerogative.  It’s not a far-fetched idea.

Then again, if you believe in a constant tit-for-tat, we’re in for a lot more storms.  Buy those generators now!

I’ve heard of many other “issues du jour” being blamed for different natural disasters in the past—Katrina hit New Orleans, not exactly a bastion of righteousness, Sandy hit New York City and environs, there are wildfires and earthquakes out in “gay” California… what’s next—Las Vegas?  If it’s not gambling, it’s abortion, or same-sex marriage (as one prominent rabbi claimed was the cause for Sandy), or telling Israel what to do.

Unfortunately, many good people’s homes were destroyed, along with synagogues and churches that flooded.  How do you answer that?

And on top of all that, here come the elections.  Let’s pray that everyone has power by then.



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