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Do Children Keep You Young?

I have aged greatly, and it’s all since we had kids.  Some would argue the opposite, that kids keep them young.  I say they’ve lost their mind, and all reasoning ability, due to children.

Benedetto felt impressed to call me one day this week with an important message.

“Thought you’d want to know:  a couple in India just had a baby.  She’s 52 and he’s 92,” his voice comes across the line.

Other than their ages approximating ours, I ask what exactly is the point.

“Well, get this:  they asked the man what was the secret of his ‘youth’, and he said, ‘Having children at a later age.’”

“I see.  Thank you for sharing,” I reply.

“Thought you’d want to be the first to know,” he laughs.

All of this comes right on the heels of having met the “miracle baby”.  Turns out the friend of a friend who found out she was NINE MONTHS PREGNANT just a couple of weeks before giving birth was 49 years old.  They had been told for 15 years that they would be unable to conceive.  (I think I had the numbers slightly off when I first reported this.)

We met the little guy and he was cuter than cute.  Mom was doing fine, too.  Her comment?

“After adopting two, and giving birth to one, all I can say is:  ‘Thank your mother every day for all she went through!’”

“I can only imagine…” I murmured, anxious not to imagine with her,  John Lennon, or anybody else, for that matter.

So back to the Indian couple.  That’s fairly amazing if you do consider both sides of the equation:  52 and 92.  These things happen.

They were probably vegetarian.



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