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Do Free Elections Work?

I come from a Russian background.  All of my kids were born in Russia.  We know about voters being bussed to different polling stations and voting repeatedly.  We understand about journalists being gunned down in the streets for daring to publish the truth.  I was always raised and taught that the privilege of voting in America was serious business, a privilege not to be taken lightly, and I’m trying to teach my children the same.

Now I’m wondering about that assumption.

On Election Day, we took our teens to see the Electoral Process up close and personal.  Our neighborhood polling station was an historic church’s multipurpose room and, upon entering, we encountered lines for check-in, grouped according to the first letter of the voter’s last name.

Certain letters, such as A-C, had practically no line, as also did T-Z.  However, N-S had a line, practically out the door.  Personally, for me, this baffled the brain.  My random thoughts on the matter went something like this:

1.  Why not have a uniform number of letters grouped together?  If you start with three letters, then continue with groups of three.  If you want a group of four or five letters, then go with that.  But to have a huuuuge line for T-Z made no sense whatsoever.

2.  How many people were they estimating to have a last name beginning with the letter X, Y, or Z?  Unless it were a precint in Chinatown, you could throw a few more letters in their line, that only had T or W going for it, maybe a smattering of V’s.

3.  Had someone actually calculated the percentage of names falling under each letter, and were these groupings a scientific sample of the mean national average, if not the phone book, divided by Pi?  What about those of us with unlisted numbers?

4.  Were citizens with last names beginning with T-Z slackers who enjoyed sleeping in?  We hit the polling place around 9:30 a.m., right after the morning rush hour, and it wasn’t bad at all, about 50 people in total there.  Were the A-C and T-Z people more of the get-up and go types?  (This would prove beneficial to know, should you ever wish to employ the most active and aggressive types—don’t choose someone with a middle-of-the-alphabet last name-!)

After a few minutes in the initial line, I heard those in the long line complaining.  One had a last name beginning with M, another had a last name starting with D… and here they were, standing in the looong N-S line.  When a worker starting asking everyone to make sure that they were in the correct line, these two ladies woke up.

“Oh, I just went to the first line I saw,” one puzzled.

“Me, too…” the other one laughed.

Not exactly the kind of people that I would like deciding the future of our nation…..

“Having a Civics Class, are we?” a little old, blue-haired female pollster asked Benedetto.

“That’s right,” he smiled.

Meanwhile, I pointed out the Importance of Knowing One’s Last Name to the children.  We had already reviewed the necessity of being able to Balance a Budget, engage in International Relations in a way that might actually benefit our own country, and Provide for the Good of our Citizens without encouraging the masses to live on the dole.  Tricky business.

For now, the kids seemed most impressed with standing in line under the correct letter, and the stickers “I Voted” that were distributed at the end of the process.  My, how they mirrored the general populace.

If most of the country had personal debt that they did not know how to control, why would they care about issues such as the national debt?  They couldn’t tighten their own belts, and now they wanted to spread that lazy, entitled lifestyle to the rest of the population?  In states where marijuana was being legalized (and not for medical purposes, either), how could we ensure that the pot heads were thinking clearly enough to care about anything but me, me, me?

What ever happened to voting responsibly, by taking into account the best interests of the masses?  Sure, I want a three-day work week, a free Happy Meal once a day, and to gaily skip down the Yellow Brick Road hand-in-hand with arch-enemy Iran, but it simply isn’t going to happen.  There are no free meals that somebody doesn’t pay for, there is no lasting peace without strength, and there is no paid vacation unless you’re already a productive and working individual.

Our nation’s capital had some great referendum questions that could only reflect the moral decay of our land.  We all know that convicted felons cannot vote, however, DC may be the only place taking it to the next level of absurdity, where this was asked of our Wise Counsel of Citizen Sages:  “If a City Council member is found guilty of a felony during the term in office, may that Council Member be removed from office?”  Ditto for the Mayor came the next question.

Are. you. kidding. me???

I may be ready for a Benevolent Dictatorship, a Feudal Fifedom, or some other form of government, because if a general election undertaken by a citizenry with Enough Problems of Their Own is the way to go, I’m not so sure I’m in favor any more.

It’s time to start finding some offshore banking opportunities, while we wait in suspense for the results of our Dumb and Dumber referendum.

Speaking of Dummies, I put away my Driver’s License as I headed for the paper and pencil voting booth. My husband and I were the only ones believing in such an archaic idea as Identification.  The poll workers didn’t want it, and didn’t need it.  Details, details.   Benedetto then stood in line for the one electronic, touch-screen station, until he realized that it would take another 30 minutes for the person using it to figure out… how to use it… and switched to paper and pencil, as well.

Can’t find our own last name, can’t use the voting machine, can’t insist on Voter I.D., can’t balance the budget, can’t get along internationally without apologizing for America and placating dubious heads of state (“Tell Vladimir that he’ll have more flexibility after I win the election…”), can’t say no to drugs when we already have enough drunk drivers on the roads, can’t decide if convicted felons should just stay in office.  Have we become a nation of Dummies?



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  1. avatar Greg says:

    It’s only going to get worse. Now we will officially tell Israel they are on their own. Iran will complete their nuclear weapon unless of course Israel by itself stops them. Four dead in Libya with no accounting for it. Fiscal crisis. Tax the rich because it sounds good and makes all the free loaders feel better about themselves but will only lead to further economic lethargy. Sequestration. Black Panthers at the polls. Planned Parenthood will continue to kill hundreds of thousands of babies a year with our money (I’m aware of what the Hyde amendment is supposed to protect but giving funds to Planned Parenthood for screening only then frees up other funds for abortions). Two more states voted to recognize gay marriage-an absolute sell out of any moral values at all. Legalized marijuana. Unions getting preferred creditor status in bankruptcy only to buy votes. Perhaps the appointment of two supreme court justices which will lead to throwing the Constitution out the door. The most self-serving, incompetent and arrogant administration in recent memory. And a media that is so unabashedly biased that they refuse to do their job unless it paints a conservative in an unfavorable light. I could go on. Other than that, everything is rosy.

    • avatar admin says:

      Please, Greg, don’t hold back! 🙂 I think we need to get back to basics, because the majority of Americans no longer believe in mainstream morality and in self-sacrifice for the good of the whole. How did we get here? Without answering the basics, we probably cannot address the other issues since we’re all coming from a different worldview.

      Today a NY newspaper’s front page headlined, “GOD HATES US”. On the contrary, I think in some respects we hate ourselves, a certain self-loathing that favors any underdog, right or wrong. Psychiatrists could have a heyday analyzing this….

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