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Do Only Crazy People Hear Birds Sing?

grilled-red-snapperTo make a long story short, the family traveled to a lovely fish restaurant in an historic location. We were entertaining the new girlfriend and wanted to show her a good time. So here we were with salmon, cod, coleslaw and hush puppies.

My husband visited the restroom in order to wash his hands. Bemused, he asked our waitress about the sound of rushing water and waves in the men’s room.

“Water running?” she looked confused.

“Well, at first, I thought it was water running in the bathroom, but no, it was the sound of waves on the shore…” he nodded.seagull3

“Waves crashing?” she tilted her head and chuckled.

“With the sound of seagulls,” he enthused.

“Birds?” she shook her head.

“Birds singing,” Benedetto affirmed.

Both the waitress and my husband began to think this was some kind of joke.

“You know, we have a very good hospital right down the street…” the waitress suggested he might be hearing things.

thI saw him redden with embarrassment.

He was serious. She was serious.

I was going to get to the bottom of this. It was not like my husband to hear things that didn’t exist. He rarely heard me and I did exist.

“Girls, did you hear any waves lapping or birds singing in the ladies’ room?” I asked the two who had just washed their hands.

“No….” they looked at me like I was the crazy one.

“I’m going in,” I announced, while my second son stood to head to the men’s room. “Cover for me.”salt-scrub-close-up2-1

Pasha told me when the coast was clear and I could enter. In we went, scoping out the men’s restroom.

“There,” he pointed with his heavy Russian accent, “Papa was right.”

We took in the TV monitor above the designer citrus salt scrubs at the sinks. Seagulls soared and cawed, as waves lapped on the virtual shoreline. I took a brief video, lest anyone doubt my word. Before too many men were turned away while I toured the facilities, I thanked my son and headed for my own restroom.

flock seagullsSure enough, it was similar in the ladies’ room. So much for the observational powers of my girls, I laughed, helping myself to the delightful, oily scrub.

I reported my finds to a relieved husband. I had his back. We never did get a chance to justify ourselves to the waitress, so busy we were enjoying the fish fare as the restaurant filled up with the lunchtime crowd.

I wonder if she still thinks we’re nuts?

Do you hear birds sing, even when others don’t?


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