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Do You Worry-Dream?

dreams1Experts tell us that everybody dreams. Whether we remember the dreams or not is another matter. I’m not referring to setting goals, those types of dreams, instead, it’s the type of dreaming that’s done when sleeping. When it comes to those kinds of dreams, they say that depressed people dream more. Lots more.

Up to three times more.

So much for those of us who are happy dreamers. We often can’t dreaming peopleeven remember dreaming, because we’re happy and our dreams are happy-!

On the other side of the spectrum are the worry-dreamers. Their psychological side works out the stresses and concerns of the day, which is not big news. But depressed folks, rather than wallowing in dismay, instead, seem to struggle most of the night in order to grapple with the issues of life. And they wake up exhausted.

Which makes them feel worse, biologically if not psychologically.

hopeThe constant introspection and fearful thoughts during the daytime lead to nighttime worry-dreams. It’s a way to get the negatives out of their system by over-dreaming.

So how would worry-warts take charge in order to change? To reverse the situation, researchers say that depressed individuals must consciously start to relax before sleeping. In other words, let it go. By calming yourself during the day, they won’t have the need to worry-dream their way to the morning.

Have you BTDT? Do you worry-dream?



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  1. avatar abby says:

    Alexandra, I needed this. Plenty of opportunities to worry-dream here! I’m going to be chilling from now on and let my mind wind-down before bedtime. Thanks.

    Did you hear the news about Miriam Ibrahim? She was released from prison in Sudan and now rearrested at the airport trying to leave the country??? Tell me it’s not true.

    • avatar admin says:

      Abby, we need to immediately speak up for Meriam Ibrahim, imprisoned for her faith in Sudan. Call the Embassy of Sudan – 202-338-8565 (or fill out their online e-mail form); the White House – 202-456-1111; and the State Department – 202-647-4000. Ask for her immediate release. Apparently she has American travel papers, but no official passport. Ask them to do whatever it takes to let her leave the country. Time is of the essence, we are so close. (And mention Saeed Abedini in Iran – who is an AMERICAN being tortured and imprisoned for his faith – who needs to come HOME.) Take it viral-! Thanks.

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