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Doctor in the House? No—They’re All on Vacation-!

doctor-patientIt’s across the board (get it—? Board-certifiied??? lol- this early in the morning, I’m making myself laugh-), doctors are on vacation. Whatever you do, don’t become ill during July or August, because you’ll be up the creek and in deep trouble, for sure.

Everywhere one turns, there’s a physician on vacay, if my interactions are any indication.

Our little Scotties need to be groomed. Their long fur coats could use a trim now that temps are reaching the 90sF in our part of the world. I try to clip their eyebrows – hello, Misha and Grisha, are you still in there somewhere???! but really, they need a major overhaul as their feet look similar to puff balls with the hair flipping up like Turkish slippers.

We call the groomers. Because they are not MDs, they are in town. However, Misha needs some updated shots before they can work on him. VacationGrisha for some reason is good to go, but he also is due for his annual exam. The two of them end up at the vet every three or four months for one reason or another and all of the docs know the dynamic duo on a first-name basis, lol, so it’s hardly as though we are negligent. But they need an appointment.

We call the vet. Four out of five doctors are out for a few weeks— vacations, emergencies, it happens. So the practice is backed-up and falling behind.

Okay, no rush.

10-ExteriorWCactusCloudyWe schedule them for the end of July for their vet visit and the beginning of August for their grooming visit. Looks like I’ll be busy with the scissors before then-!

Then, I’m tracking the inhabitants of the Beach Blue Sea Cottage rental of our friends. She is naturally the picture of decorum, preserving the privacy of her upscale guests, but occasionally, she lets a tidbit slip:

“Pediatrician and her delightful two-year-old who water the flowers for us every day, along with husband, mother-in-law, aunt and two dogs….”

“Nooo….!” I enthuse. Too cute.

There’s another physician on holiday.

Then we have friends whose grown son recently suffered a brain aneurysm. He was set to stay in the hospital for 21 days after a very dangerous italy-florencesurgery. They are now releasing him before 14 days-! Praise the Lord. But the surgeon warned the parents to watch their son 24/7 as he stays with them because they have lost patients who are released too early.

He then wished them good luck and headed out to Italy.

All that to say, should you have a medical emergency this summer, best thing to do: make your way to your nearest holiday resort and there will be someone there at a cafe table, under a beach umbrella, at a museum, or hiking a mountain who should be able to help-!


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