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Does Climate/Weather Affect Character Traits?

crIt would be easy to arrive at a snap judgment regarding climate’s effect on the character traits of those residing in a region. But instead, with all of this snow descending on America’s East Coast from Florida to Maine, I thought it might be worthwhile to make a slow, snowed-in judgment, instead-!

Random thoughts on the matter:

There is no snow removal equipment in the south. None. You have to wait for the stuff to melt. How pro-active and get-up-and-go is that???

People in the south speak slowly. They visit NYC and think that residents are speed-talkers. So how crmuch can you get done in life if it takes you twice as long to explain yourself? This might have an impact on how you are perceived.

But it works both ways. Don’t forget that those in the south are seen as more polite than pushy northerners….

Extrapolate this to the world-at-large: don’t-worry-be-happy Mediterraneans versus business-like northern Europeans.

crThese are stereotypes. It does not necessarily speak to one’s abilities, resiliency or business acumen.  Or does it?

When you grow up in snow-packed regions, where often, life carries on through all sorts of conditions, and then you see a few flurries close down entire states… it makes you think….

And for right now, my thoughts are along the line of: If you can’t drive in snow and ice, it’s best to stay off the roads and telecommute today. I base this on market research— seeing one horrific crash yesterday and another car doing two 360-degree spins while on a bridge. Yikes.

Be safe, everyone!


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