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Does Marriage After 50 Cost You?

I have friends over 50 who are married and who are single. Living together? Not so much.

But recently, I was working on a project where I met a number of couples over 50 who were living together. Many were volunteering their time and looked to be over 60, most likely. And I wondered why.

Not out loud, of course.

They took great pride in introducing, “This is my boyfriend…”, but I wondered about the commonly-held belief that marrying later in life might cost you.


By this time, it’s thought that you might have Social Security benefits, or retirement funds, or an inheritance for your kids which could be impacted by another marriage.


Turns out that unless you’re part of the working poor, or unless you’re in the upper echelon of earners, you will probably have more tax benefits if you marry. Yes, in the majority of cases, it’s still better to marry, financially-speaking.

Not to mention health issues and if you were rushed to the emergency room, only a spouse could legally consult with doctors or make decisions for an unconscious mate.

And of course, there’s the understanding that it’s cheaper for two to live together rather than apart. But nowadays, that happens outside of marriage, as well.


But, most of all, there’s love. There’s the beautiful, romantic thought that this person wants to be joined together with… you! Not try it out for awhile, not shack up, not hang out, not give it shot. They want to be joined in holy matrimony for life.

Yes, protect yourself financially, make a prenup or an iron-clad will if you’ve been working all of your life towards a goal. But when love calls, it doesn’t have to bankrupt you. Keep your eyes open, but don’t be afraid to run toward that lovely thing called love.

At any age.


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